TheVoiceOfJoyce Fighting for saving our Democracy, Kris Mayes is running for Arizona Attorney General. She was forced out of today’s GOP and deserves to win along with a new Secretary of State and Supreme Court justice’s. In swing States, like Arizona, Pa, Michigan, Wisconsin, these seats are pivotal to maintaining our Democracy. Elect people who will protect women’s right to reproductive health, voting rights and absentee ballots. Our Country’s Democracy depends on these States wins. Say no, to the GOP alt right, they’re a minority and no longer represent the moderates of the Republican Party or the vast majority of Arizona.

TheVoiceOfJoyce another case of smearing a good Democratic candidate because he stands for the People and has picked a fight against Big Oil & gun manufacturers . He’s on the right side of issues and now he’s being targeted by Big GOP donors & AIPAC. another instance of using Dark Money to defeat another candidate standing up for “We the People”. All over our Country our elections are being hijacked by Corporate money, bribing ( donating) to those who will cast doubt on good candidates credentials to serve and replace them with a Corporate puppet, someone eagerly accepting cash, to tow the Corporate line. Floridians & folks from Alabama lost Political defenders of low cost & low Carbon energy projects, because the States utilities declared war on them. Ignore the hype and propaganda and in Michigan vote for Andy Levin. The very reason he’s attacked, means he’s a good guy for the People.

TheVoiceOfJoyce: The events surrounding the January 6 th Insurrection, point to a political Party, The Republicans, no longer willing to play by existing rules and have stacked the electoral deck with extremists, willing to continually tamper with the machinery of our Elections. This is a crime. Members of the Republican Party, in Congress took part in perpetuating the Lie of 2020. The election was not stolen by the sitting President, Joe Biden. There must be Laws to prevent the continuing misrepresentation of the facts and accountability & punishment for those holding Public Office, refusing to uphold the Laws of the Constitution. There are members of the Republican Party, sitting in Congress , who have aided and given credence to a violent coup. Where is accountability and punishment for not maintaining their Oath to the Constitution? Finally, Social Media sites, Fox News & Newsmax were complicit in fueling the 2020 Election Lie, by disseminating false information leading to violence and encouraging 50 million Americans to believe they are right to take up arms against an administration, that is indeed legitimate, in order to install their chosen Electors and President. Where is accountability, the Laws to prevent this perversion of Democracy and the Punishment for ultimately subverting our election process? The Constitution has a mechanism to remove those in political office, who fail to uphold their Constitutional Oath of office. Does this apply to the Secretaries of States in 6 States , if elected? How are we regulating the Social Media Channels and the news channels responsible for Disinformation ( lies) and misinformation ( misleading information) ? Where’s their accountability&Punishment?Their lies have led to violence. We cannot have freedom and liberty, retain the representation of every vote, unless our Laws protect us from criminal intent to destroy our Democracy and our electoral process! No Party can decide they are unchecked, by Laws ,that bind them to their Constitutional Oath.

AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Fox News, OAN and Newsmax are being sued by Dominion voting machines, for lying about the integrity of their machines , when they knew the Machines were not rigged in Biden’ s favor. The suit alleges that these organizations knowing lied and perpetuated a fraud. This Big Lie, had violent consequences. The litigation is proceeding.

AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce correction: The last quote came from the Guardian, not The NY Times. The link is attached for reading the entire article on the Conclusions & prosecutions to date, resulting from the January 6, 1921 Insurrection.

AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce The January 6 th Hearings facts are leading the DOJ to conclude Trump knew that he lost the 2020 Election and attempted to hold onto Power anyway, independent of the consequences to our Democracy and the lives of others. Police officers died & others died in his attempt to overturn a legitimate election.He unlawfully Obstructed Justice and the Constitution. Furthermore, by collecting $250 million dollars from Small Donors for his defense, he willingly defrauded them & shifted those funds to his Campaign and to his properties. There was no fraud committed in the 2020 election. A quote from today’s NY Times article is attached The original article will be made available.

Ultimately, the avalanche of documents and sworn testimony proving a multi-faceted criminal conspiracy to overturn the will of the people means one thing: if no one is above the law, even an ex-president who led that conspiracy must be indicted.”

AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce On January 6,1921 Trump engineered a Coup, seeking violence, if necessary, if , at his urging, Mike Pence did not overturn the Electoral Vote and Make Trump President. Pence did not jeopardize his Constitutional duties. Our Democracy was preserved. Our Democracy may still be on shaky ground as States Vit on new Secretary of States , who are willing to change the electoral vote of their State by controlling the districts in a Partisan way. Beware the new Secretaries of State, who are dedicated to the longevity of TRUMPSGOP & not our Democracy.

AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce If the Fairness Act by the FCC was the Law, Fox News wouldn’t be able to Lie and provide an alternate reality, they’d have to have a fair and balanced discussion of the issues confrontingAmericans. The Law was overturned under Ronald Reagan in 1987. Overturning this Law has brought us today’s Culture Wars. There was an Insurrection, 5 people died & Donald Trump did instigate the Coup, with the help of many in the Legislature & the coordinated violent help of the Proud Boys & Oath Keepers. They broke existing Law and violated the Constitution. The penalty, one of many, is removal from Legislative office and disbarment for Legislators. Under the Constitution , Amendment 14, Section 3. For others, there’s criminal prosecution.

AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce The January 6 th Insurrection was real. There was coordination between the Proud Boys & Oath Keepers to storm the Capitol at Donald Trumps request. Did Trump instigate the Coup attempt? Yes. Is Democracy safe? No for several reasons: 1. The Fairness Doctrine, holding media accountable for showing both sides of an issue has been overturned. Fox News audience never saw the House recap of the insurrection. 2. There are many GOP States, with Secretary of State willing to falsely certify an election according to their choice and not the choice of the People. We the People have culture wars because not everyone has access to the same information. We have culture wars and an assault on our voting rights. One person one vote has been compromised.

AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce On Thursday, June 9, The Hearings on the Capitol Attack will be televised at 8 pm. Tune in to hear the facts on the Insurrection of 1/6/21. This is a first, since Nixon’s Impeachment!