TheVoiceOfJoyce Another Corporation with no oversight and Cancer clusters are in southern New Hampshire ! PFAS, toxic forever chemicals have leached into our waters, once again. PFAS chemicals are all over: army bases are contaminated. Where are Regulations and Congressional oversight? Why aren’t Corporations held accountable? Fined? Made to clean our waters and provide health care to the 1000’s of citizens affected? Good governance has good laws to protect us, “We the People”, from harm. This is not an isolated incident. It’s another toxin we’re living with or dying from while our Government is grid locked. Flint has lead in their water. New Jersey has lead in their water and paint. Louisiana has toxic alley from petrochemicals. St. Louis has nuclear waste that was buried and leached into their water supply. Isn’t anybody writing Laws to provide us with clean drinkable water and fresh air to breathe? When do we decide our health and well being are more important than Corporate profits?

TheVoiceOfJoyce From the FINANCIAL TIMES: Charts of the California drought over the last 22 yrs. 2007, 2011 were pivot points when California ceased having intermittent droughts and heat. The heat causes a loop effect, creating more heat , more dryness as the temperature rises. Now, it’s not unusual for California temperatures to increase 20 degrees Fahrenheit. The droughts, fires and dry ground fuel each other making Climate Extremes more prevalent and dangerous. ( Giving my interpretation of conditions because I can’t share FT articles with all my followers)

TheVoiceOfJoyce The analysis: Fight Corporate greed and not working class people. Personal borrowing to purchase goods has increased. The consumer can’t fight monopolies. The Federal Government can put pressure on monopolies by promising a windfall tax on excess profits. Big oil and gas, have made record profits, they’re not investing, they’re giving shareholder buybacks. Why encourage their behavior, lower pricing at the pump by removing Subsidies and instituting a Windfall tax, for Corporations making huge profits, while passing on high costs to consumers ! Why should the 80% experiencing inflation, suffer from Corporate Greed? Give working people a chance to survive and thrive.

TheVoiceOfJoyce I quite agree, the Planet is in a Climate Emergency now! It was predicted, by the Frank Press report in 1977, that the year 2000 on, would experience Climate Heat, flooding, die offs of life unprecedented. It’s happening now. 2000 died last week in Spain and Portugal. Billions of marine life died in the Warm Pacific Ocean and off the Coral reefs of Australia. Water resources are diminishing. Crops are dying in the West, EU, Asia, India, Africa. When will our Politicians notice and start our path to alternative clean energy? Why are we still Subsidizing the Fossil Fuel Industry at $16Billion a day? A $Trillion dollars to Fossil Fuels would be better spent on transitioning Coal Mines to Solar and Wind Energy, utilizing people and clean energy now! How many have to die, before our Countries take Climate Action seriously?

TheVoiceOfJoyce Ministers are fighting back Climate Change denial, delay & uncertainty in Southern Communities and West Virginia. They’re adding Solar Panels to their Churches and re greening their properties with flowers, trees and plants native to the area. They’re starting small but they might want to add a movie night for discussion? The documentary “ Big Oil” produced in 3 Parts by the BBC & aired on PBS Frontline, is now streaming on Amazon prime. Ministers can also, lead the way to energy conversion of decommissioned coal mines. Solar Panels and Wind Turbines can integrate with existing infrastructure and produce jobs and sustainable energy. There are cycles in industry. Man and science evolve and as we discover better forms of energy, they replace the old. That is the nature of scientific discovery. Trust in our future. If we desire to survive & thrive, a lot can be accomplished, even in a year. Lockdown improved Hawaiian waters and brought back song birds to many towns. Change is occurring and that’s good. After over a 100 yrs of fossil fuels dominating our grid, it’s time to move on. The Scientists of the late 1970’s were right, the year 2000 would see an exponential rise in CO2 Emissions and that would cause catastrophic warming effects. It’s happening today and it’s cheaper to move forward with many alternatives, rather than rely on Fossil Fuels for our power!

TheVoiceOfJoyce One Climate Crisis after another as the World’s people, ecosystems and existing power grids fail to adjust to triple digit temperatures. China is experiencing Blackouts, their antiquated Coal Production, cannot keep up with electrical demands. Their problems, and everyone else’s have been exacerbated by the Ukrainian War! China hasn’t learned that Solar and Wind turbines can integrate with existing coal mine infrastructure and integrate into their grid with more and cheaper power. Meanwhile, Yosemite is burning and the Redwoods are in danger. The Swiss Italian border has shifted in the Alps and this is the beginning of Climate Catastrophes. Our planet has only warmed 1.1 Degree Celsius. Our CO2 Emissions are equivalent to 252 million years ago and Biden doesn’t think we have a Climate Emergency? The entire Globe should recognize a Climate Emergency and act to stop all Wars immediately. It’s in our collective best interests to stop Wars to mitigate Climate Changes and their negative effects on life on Earth. When do we become intelligent people and act to save our lives? All lives?

TheVoiceOfJoyce : This is a must see Documentary ( Big Oil v The World, on PBS, BBC, AMAZON) for everyone, who values Democracy. How Big Oil, Exxon, Successfully lobbied Congress in 1997, to protect their self interests , convincing Chuck Hagel & Robert Byrd, to sign their Legislation, stating the US would not join in signing the Kyoto Climate Policy. Due to continuing Corporate Lobbying and PR, the World and the US in particular is suffering the effects of Weather extremes. Our land is burning, our resources are dwindling, our food supply is imperiled because of Short term Corporate Greed. Worse, they researched the solutions to prevent Global Warming and discarded them, because they were not instantly as profitable as Fossil Fuels. My YouTube, this morning, is about Uncontrolled Power: Big Oil now has a bull horn on Social Media Platforms, to deny and delay Climate Mitigation ! When do we retake control of our lives and use Legislation effectively to Save our Lives, allowing us to pursue health , happiness and liberty?

TheVoiceOfJoyce Since the gas shortages of the 1970’s , President Jimmy Carter, was warned by Scientists, Fossil Fuel combustion has increased exponentially, causing atmospheric CO2 Emissions. Because of the “greenhouse effect” Global Climatic warming will be induced from 0.5 – 5 degrees Celsius. Our Climate will warm drastically. The Press Report, was placed on Carter’s desk, July 7,1977. Jimmy Carter read the memo with its dire predictions and recommendations to begin planning to mediate the disasters to come in the year 2000. Jimmy Carter ignored this problem. The short term was under “ control”. The Fossil Fuel industry, invested in developing alternative energy sources, then discarded their usefulness. Instead, they invested in a 50 year campaign to deny the existence of Climate warming. Now, time has run out for many, of the 40 million, in the West who depend on the Colorado River for life and the question remains, where are our plans to mitigate the loss of water, food and clean air that follows intense heat? The Climate Crisis in America requires mitigation. What is the plan now, to stop the increase in Climate warming , drought, fires, flooding, and pollution?

TheVoiceOfJoyce WHY ARE WE SUPPORTING THE FOSSIL FUEL INDUSTRY? They make $2.8 Billion a day, accumulating $54 Trillion in 50 yrs or 1% of the World’s wealth. They’ve stopped investment in alternative fuels to maintain their wealth at the expense of our Planet warming, at the expense of polluting and dissipating our Natural Resources. They have enough money to buy off every Politician on our Planet to maintain their dirty profits. As a reward , for Fossil Fuel largesse ( graft, corruption) Governments subsidized them , add $16 Billion a day to their coffers in SUBSIDIES? The US provides them with a $1 Trillion a year? Wouldn’t this money be better used to help we the People survive the price gouging we’re incurring, the child care we need, the min wage and benefits we deserve, the transportation and preservation of our Natural Resources? Action on the elimination of these Subsidies is a priority! To continue them, in light of this soon to be published report, is to admit by all Politicians, that they are Corrupt and care little about the lives of “We The PEOPLE! “ #StopOilSubsidiesNow!

TheVoiceOfJoyce: when do we act to put The War Production Act into place to allocate clean energy funds to cities in dire need of green spaces? When the water runs out, what are your options? Who can you blame for Climate Denial and not discussing rising CO2 Emissions in text books? Fox New & the Fossil Fuel Lobby. We can start capping and taxing Methane & Carbon Leaks. We can start banning the mining of Bitcoin which uses more power than Houston, Texas. We can all enter into a Class Action Lawsuit against Fox New & the Fossil Fuel industry for deliberately burying the Scientific facts that can save our lives now. The FOSSIL FUEL INDUSTRY, knew they creating excess CO2, they knew the consequences of oil, coal & gas production and used it anyway, since it was cheaper 50 yrs ago to stay with their technology, rather than invest in the clean technology that was expensive then, but not now. It’s a proven fact, renewable energy costs less and provides twice as many jobs as the Fossil Fuel industry. The War Production Act can decommission Coal Plants now and set up Solar and Wind Power now, more jobs, better pay. Good for all Americans.