TheVoiceOfJoyce California & the West are entering extreme drought conditions not seen in 1200 yrs. Still think Politicians & Big businesses clinging to Fossil Fuels are putting their voices and money where it will benefit mankind? They’re not. They’re following short term gains and their pursuit of profits now , is killing us depleting by our resources! Vote them out of office. Our lives depend upon representation in government understanding Science & Technology.

TheVoiceOfJoyce NASA plans to revisit Venus by the end of this decade to understand, Venus’ topography, atmosphere, water capabilities? All unknown. Space exploration sets man on a path to acquiring more knowledge about our own plant and the creation of the Universe and the essence of Life. I’m convinced this use of science and technology filters down and benefits mankind! Science & technology, too important not to teach!

TheVoiceOfJoyce We can’t Segway into clean energy soon enough. Last years fires may have destroyed a 10 th of the Sequoias! Clean next generation nuclear power, has a small footprint, zero emissions and may be our answer to save our resources and ourselves. Pollution kills, science and technology have been under taught and under utilized. They’re our future!

TheVoiceOfJoyce America will prosper when we leave all racial disparities behind us. Equal justice, equal opportunity & education for all. Vouchers to leave poverty areas for better housing & schools. Training for better jobs and policing that must consider the rights of all Americans. No more Military mentality when fighting crimes. We need counseling to coexist with police policy. When we realize all poverty is an issue to prevent, we can raise our Economy and wages and be an engine of change for the World. Increasing our GDP decreases prices by 2%. We’re better off with a robust productive Middle Class.

TheVoiceOfJoyce With over 750,000 people, DC is larger than many States. It deserves its own accountable police force and modern reforms for its citizens. DC should no longer be a Political pawn. The citizens deserve State hood. Puerto Rico should be next. Then unscrupulous investors can no longer overwhelm them with debt. 3 million can be fiscally governed and their infrastructure brought up to date , making a living wage for Everyone. Jobs & tourism is a good combination.

Virology/Microbe TV #749 with clinician Dr Daniel Griffin #60 updates on Covid 19. Vaccines are a game changer. Cases in NYC down 60% since we started Vaccinations. Nyc plans to open by 7/1/21. Guidance on Summer Camps. How to set up Camps for low risk of infections. Vaccine for as many as possible and improve HVAC, stay outdoors. Fully vaccinated outdoors we’re fine 2 weeks after the 2 shot or 2 weeks after J&J. There’s talk of several pills coming to market at the end of the year , anti viral protection. Long Covid is a multi organ compromiser and we’re still learning how to treat people with these systemic abnormalities. The rest of our Planet needs theseVaccines. Hopeful!

TheVoiceOfJoyce Keeping us safe from spreading Covid 19 and variants, RapidTests are being used! North Carolina & Chattanooga Tennessee are tests cases for the Country. The NIH is using RapidTestto stop Outbreaks when people are reluctant to be vaccinated.

TheVoiceOfJoyce Pfizer Vaccine good for at least 6 months. More data to be assessed based on those inoculated. Worst case , we’ll need a booster shot in the fall.

TheVoiceOfJoyce Gun violence claims 45,000 lives yearly. Half those of those deaths are suicides. Not only do we need counseling, trauma therapy & other support options, the majority are in favor of background checks & the banning of Assault weapons and large magazines, capable of shooting many with one clip. Americans need and want Fundamental changes to our lives. The majority want to live a good life and not be terrorized by those who don’t value their lives or the lives of others. During this Holiday season, why not think about compassion, empathy & charity and ask those in Congress to do the same.