TheVoiceOfJoyce Drought overtakes the West & Southwest and no counting on the Monsoon to increase rainfall. Last year it was a no show. What happens to ski season, tourism? No snow, no water, warm weather? We need energy solutions yesterday and a chance to survive. Don’t hold your breath for Congress to act, Bipartisanship doesn’t go far enough to help “We the People “. We need Biden’s large Infrastructure plan, nothing less will make a dent in restoring our resources and our future!

TheVoiceOfJoyce Climate Goals by the G7 must be met. Yes, economies will lose Trillions & contract , when temperatures rise 2.5 degrees Celsius. However, people will die along with biodiversity & pollution will increase destroying our resources, too! That’s why I wonder, why are American Republicans going all in on Fossil Fuels, do they think they’ll be the lone survivors? Do they think their short term gains are worth dooming all our Resources to extinction? These are the People Joe Manchin supports? People who only cares about themselves& their wants ! The rest of us, what do we want. Speaking for myself, I want a better life for my children & grandchildren, I can’t support short term selfishness. “We the People “have an equal human right to survive and thrive!

TheVoiceOfJoyce Save the Monarch and take the first step toward saving ourselves. We need pollinators for fruit and vegetable pollination. If Pollutants & pesticides are killing the Monarch Butterfly, what are they doing to our bodies? Loss of trees and plants to fires create more heat. We’re pushing nature in the wrong direction. We’re next!

TheVoiceOfJoyce Drought hits California early. 41 of 57 counties are experiencing water shortages. Reduced usage and better management of dwindling resources a must. There are no drought free years, water conservation has to be a priority 24/7. Infrastructure can help. Dependence on Fossil Fuels has to end. Those assets must be left in the ground. Electric cars and public transportation systems are a necessity. Pollution kills us and water resources are limited. Survival trumps culture shock!

TheVoiceOfJoyce YouTube Tuesday’s, Epi #82 ” Nuremberg

History/Hitler’s Rise to Power in the 1920’s I can’t help noticing the similarities between Trumps rise to power and Hitler’s. Hitler , too , was discounted as a leader. Jail for him was a blessing. He was treated like royalty in prison & wrote Mein Kamph, his autobiographical manifesto, outlining his ideological plans for Germany. … More TheVoiceOfJoyce YouTube Tuesday’s, Epi #82 ” Nuremberg

TheVoiceOfJoyce When large investors divest from the major Fossil Fuel Corporations & Fossil Fuel Subsidies are cut, then we’ll know Government and Pension Funds are serious about preserving our environment. Then we’ll know pollution matters and they are interested in healthy people and a bio diverse planet. Money talks. That’s how we the People will know leaders of Industry & Government are ready to stand for our our survival. If big money refused to invest in TRUMPSGOP on the Federal and State levels, we’d know they’re interested in safeguarding our Democracy! Money talks.

TheVoiceOfJoyce We’ve heard of bomb sniffing dogs. Now dogs are being trained to sniff out Covid carriers and their detection takes seconds. Man’s best friend, really is our best friend, offering survival along with cuddles.

TheVoiceOfJoyce Starting new programs are difficult. When the Federal Government set up the rental income system for tenants & Landlords, why not send guidelines along with the Program. Obviously, the States are ill equipped to handle disbursement of these funds and need procedures & IT help to fairly distribute their funds to those in need. Yes, a Federal program exists, the money is sufficient to fund approximately 10 million @$10,000 each!

TheVoiceOfJoyce So you’re against increasing taxes on the ultra wealthy. Why? You think they’re entitled to over 1000 x’s more income than you? Really, think again. I ran a small business, I earned a good living @2-3 x’s my employees. I wasn’t wealthy, I gave sick leave, paid vacation & decent wages to everyone, plus healthcare. I kept my business running with mechanics on payroll, good years or bad. What gas Corporate America done? They furloughed their workers and collected huge salaries for themselves. For them it’s a beautiful life, for everyone else, we have no income and we paid taxes to support our society & theirs. Do you want decent wages, benefits, healthcare, education for yourself & families, than support taxing the wealthy & we the People won’t need unemployment. We’ll have new jobs in new industries, guaranteed. Think big and demand change with opportunity for all.

TheVoiceOfJoyce A novel approach to the IRS , collecting the taxes owed by increasing IRS personnel, upgrading computers & issuing a banking form to Banks for an annual statement of cash flows in & out of a business. This 1099 tracking method, similar to stocks, would be used to determine taxes owed the IRS. it would apply to all businesses & individuals reporting $400,000 and up. $100 Billion spent would generate $1 Trillion in revenue. Collecting taxes owed comes before increases?’ Now only the middle classes pay taxes. Time for more equal distribution &justice!