TheVoiceOfJoyce Grains are being released rapidly to regions Globally. China, Turkey, Lebanon, Italy and an aggressive schedule for their release from the Black Sea Ports is continuing, overseen by the JCC ( Russia, Turkey, Ukraine & UN). Shelling near Ukrainian Reactor disables a power line and there is fear the nuclear storage facility, housing spent fuel, was endangered. Meanwhile, Russian shelling of towns resumes, more EU Nations are training Ukrainians and the Ukrainian offensive has begun across their 217 mile border. Assassinations of Russian occupiers is taking place in Kherson and other villages and supply routes are being cut off. Let’s hoping all their armaments give Ukraine the edge they need to repel the Russians.

TheVoiceOfJoyce Twitter sites that contained conspiracy theories & misinformation from QAnon, the anti vaxx movement, have changed course and are now targeting food insecurity instead. In a turn of events, QAnon has turned to asserting a Jewish cabal is causing World hunger, not the true source, Russia, by invading Ukrainian Ports! These malicious sites rhetoric perpetrate violence and death. Self regulation of Social Media doesn’t work. A National think tank, similar to the one in 1995, is necessary to shape policy to regulate major technologies. For the willing followers of misinformation, lies are magnified and become a dangerous reality. If people believe the West and Jews are to blame for 8 countries suffering food insecurity and inflation, the wrong people will be targeted for hatred and Putin will appear saint like. That’s why Lavrov, Putin’s emissary is in Africa now, distorting the truth , so Ukraine, not Russia, will be the target of African hatred. These sites serve no purpose other than to deceive and in extreme cases, murder the innocent. Misinformation and disinformation ( lies) have no place in Society. They exist to divide us. Why follow disinformation? Why condone misinformation? Why be a part of any conspiracy theory? Don’t facts mater? Fact: Russia has invaded Ukraine. Russia has blockaded Ukrainian ports . On July 22, 2022 the UN brokered a deal with Putin, Turkey and Ukraine to let grain leave the Port of Odessa for Sierra Leone today, other countries in Africa and Asia rely on Ukrainian grain! Madagascar, Pakistan, Egypt, Lebanon, Eritrea, Armenia, Belarus, Turkey, received more than 70% of their wheat imports from Ukraine in 2021. To stabilize their nations, the grain from Ukraine must flow. Millions of Tonnes of grain are back logged because of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. The Ukrainian people have stored last years crop for shipment, this year’s crops are ready for harvesting and then the crops for next year must be planted. Russia is not only destroying Ukraine, Russia is destroying the entire Globe by failing to prevent food insecurity globally.

TheVoiceOfJoyce : This is a must see Documentary ( Big Oil v The World, on PBS, BBC, AMAZON) for everyone, who values Democracy. How Big Oil, Exxon, Successfully lobbied Congress in 1997, to protect their self interests , convincing Chuck Hagel & Robert Byrd, to sign their Legislation, stating the US would not join in signing the Kyoto Climate Policy. Due to continuing Corporate Lobbying and PR, the World and the US in particular is suffering the effects of Weather extremes. Our land is burning, our resources are dwindling, our food supply is imperiled because of Short term Corporate Greed. Worse, they researched the solutions to prevent Global Warming and discarded them, because they were not instantly as profitable as Fossil Fuels. My YouTube, this morning, is about Uncontrolled Power: Big Oil now has a bull horn on Social Media Platforms, to deny and delay Climate Mitigation ! When do we retake control of our lives and use Legislation effectively to Save our Lives, allowing us to pursue health , happiness and liberty?

TheVoiceOfJoyce Disinformation is ripping our Country apart. It’s a National Security Issue. It’s effecting every facet of our Society and Concentrates Money and Power for a FEW!

TheVoiceOfJoyce Disinformation is ripping our Country apart. It’s a National Security Issue. It’s effecting every facet of our Society and Concentrates Money and Power for a FEW! TheVoiceOfJoyce Disinformation is ripping our Country apart. It’s a National Security Issue. It’s effecting every facet of our Society and Concentrates Money and Power for a FEW! — … More TheVoiceOfJoyce Disinformation is ripping our Country apart. It’s a National Security Issue. It’s effecting every facet of our Society and Concentrates Money and Power for a FEW!

AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Sounds like for everyone who has been outraged by misinformation, violence, bullying, hatred and the culture wars encouraged by SocialMedia should read this new book on Digital Power. The Digital Republic. Technology has too much power and must be reined in to preserve our Democracy!

AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Meta, Facebook and Instagram, are places to purchase parts for Ghost Guns. Meta stated the sites were taken down and they’re available. Why isn’t there enforcement of our Laws for Public Safety. Stop Social Media and other Platforms from acerbating culture wars, gun violence and gun purchases. 3D parts for home assembly are still available. Then infected , assault rifles wind up on our streets , in the hands of Gangs. Where is Federal Law ? Interstate commerce? Enforcement.

AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce We will need many misinformation Sheriffs. Climate Denial has now been integrated with other distractions & issues. Using code words to describe those interested in saving our World , elites?, what about pragmatic? They’re shifting the conversation on Social Media platforms to culture wars and a woman right to choose ? If you look back to 1971 and the Powell Doctrine, this makes sense. It’s all part of the same ideology, promote business at all costs, because “We the People “, don’t matter. Think again, We the People are empowered! Regulate Social Media Platforms and get ahead of their disinformation machine

AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Mainstream Social Media and fringe sites are a click away, along with the Hateful media from Fox News. Hate speech &guns kill. Constant tuning in toHate, bullying, violence and social targets for your hate, is not free speech or free expression. When others die because your community encourages violence, that Speech must be eliminated along with assault weapons and large magazines. Their Social Media outlets regulated along with Fox News. We don’t need Victor Orban telling Republicans how to more effectively control the news. We don’t need cultural divisions and hatred and violence. We need planning to stop income inequality and help to let us live a good happy life!

AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Connecticut is the first State to create a Post for a misinformation officer. Paying $150,000 /yr. This person will be responsible for monitoring all Social Media platforms and chat rooms like 4 Chan & Discord for misinformation! maintaining the integrity of our election&our democracy. They’ll have the ability to remove or censure false content.

AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce After 93 days Russia is winning in the East & South. The bombing continues and Russian propaganda is pumped into Mariupol as citizens are prepared for the annihilation of Ukrainian culture and prepare for Russian schooling. Meanwhile, Ukrainian grains are held hostage as the War continues. The World, not only the Ukrainians will suffer for Putin’s colonialism. Peace and heavy artillery must come to Zelenskiy soon!