TheVoiceOfJoyce Private Equity and other Venture Capitalists have created their own Tax Laws. Both parties are complicit and codification of Fair Taxation is necessary. The problem, these Uber wealthy individuals & their partners contribute to Congressional representatives who are reluctant to pass new Laws. Times have changed, the Uber wealthy need to pay their fair share, enabling us to create large meaningful jobs programs & Infrastructure projects. Tax all fees at straight income and levy a 2-5% asset tax on the moneyed men & women. Simplify the Law and collect their taxes. We’re not an Oligarchy! The Middle Classes have been overburdened long enough!

TheVoiceOfJoyce While Businesses claim there’s a worker shortage, because no one works for a subpar wage, on average, Corporate CEO’s earned 274 times their employees. Employee wages rose 1.9 %. Time to exert pressure on the minimum wage and benefits! We need a Clean Slate for Workers going forward. Obviously, the money exists. In Episode #85 I’ll speak about revenue to fund Infrastructure. We must go big!

TheVoiceOfJoyce While Trump was being investigated by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. He failed to answer Congressional subpoenas . At the same time he was secretly investigating Journalists and Congressional representatives investigating him, along with members of their family. All this illegally conducted by the DOJ under AG BARR! When did we become a police state? Imagine if the 1/6/21 Insurrection was successful? Oregon has thrown out one Legislator involved in the 1/6 uprising, Congress should appoint a Special Counsel and do the same! Autocracies that sweep people away in the Middle of the night are definitely not the American way. Stand up for Democracy! Not party, not a person, our way of life depends upon our activism!

TheVoiceOfJoyce Drought overtakes the West & Southwest and no counting on the Monsoon to increase rainfall. Last year it was a no show. What happens to ski season, tourism? No snow, no water, warm weather? We need energy solutions yesterday and a chance to survive. Don’t hold your breath for Congress to act, Bipartisanship doesn’t go far enough to help “We the People “. We need Biden’s large Infrastructure plan, nothing less will make a dent in restoring our resources and our future!

TheVoiceOfJoyce Want to win the Worlds gratitude, spend $50 Billion & reap $7 Trillion in increased global benefits & productivity. Including a return to travel. A win win. Vaccinate by April 2022. We know the wonderful freedom of lack of fearing death by virus! Makes you giddy with happiness & grateful!

TheVoiceOfJoyce Infrastructure will return the Salmon to their waterways and spawning grounds. The Infrastructure bills proposed will guarantee a return of the Salmon. Man and other fish depend upon the Salamon’s survival. Concentrate on making the Salmon return a reality and save everyone’s lives. This Bipartisan effort is a win win. People and the ecosystem first!

TheVoiceOfJoyce Look what we can do, Juno, launched 10 yrs ago now has photos of Jupitor’s largest moon, Ganymede! That’s progress we can see and be proud of. We can do so much more! We don’t want the status quo, we want progress that benefits us,our children and grandchildren!

TheVoiceOfJoyce Arizona should discard the pursuit of political gamesmanship & start concentrating on the needs of their Constituents! Fires are raging, big Agri is depleting water resources, people can’t survive without water and now the fires are creating pollution & breathing problems. Stop worrying about yesterday and worry about the present and Arizona’s future. How many people are suffering? They count!

TheVoiceOfJoyce It’s not just wages that require an increase. In the South , Vaccination rates are low and people need access to Vaccines & time off for side effects. Employees still need childcare and educational and good money. If the employer can provide paid leave and a wage to cover expenses, they’ll have workers. Don’t blame benefits for a lack of workers, blame poor wages and layoffs during the Pandemic, which is still raging where Vaccines are not given. OfferVaccines , paid leave and a new job with higher wages & you’ll fill positions.