Moving on , moving forward, Doing instead of just talking

1. Bloomberg News Columbus Day. Chart of the day, How much does it take to buy an electoral vote? It’s predicted that $1 billion will be spent by the campaigns to sway voters and the electoral college. Somebody will get a big payday, you think?

2. NYTimes 10/8/12 To regulate high speed traders , SEC turns to one of them. Tradeworx. Has a program dubbed Midas, not fully operational, but it will give the SEC the opportunity to monitor all trades on the 13 exchanges. One small step! The next step should be analysis, regulation/ taxation. Now that they’re becoming serious about tracking and understanding the market, they might want to purchase the available software on ” dark trading pools”. You know, those mortgage backed securities, still a financial black hole with the potential to implode again?

3. FT 10/8/12 The ghoul of half truths is not America’s real problem by Edward Luce: ” no matter who is in charge, or whether government is divided, the US system remains worryingly unable to check – let alone reverse – the retreat of the Country’s great middle class. The continued slide in median earning power …. Tends to loom large, especially when the TV is off.

4. LOL. The Financial Times 10/10/12. Luke Johnson entrepreneur /Business founders are the new rebels….”so is business the new rebels? Big business founders such as Mark Zukerberg and the late Steve Jobs are more famous then ever. In a survey of 1000 Americans almost 2/3 rds wanted to work as entrepreneurs, or at least be independent.”. The packed auditorium at the 92 nd Street Y certainly made the point that people are more interested in technology. Walt Mossberg, Kara Swisher and Google founder Eric Schmidt expounded on many advances in technology. If you think it, you can create it. YOLO we only live once.

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