Be prepared to try something new, though difficult, we are adaptable!

1. Jeffrey Sachs On Adapting to a stormy world. How do we prepare for the next crisis in weather? Generators on top of facilities instead of under ground. Bury wires under ground. Beware of the use of sea walls. Great cities on the coast, he suggests, should be tackling the cause of climate change as well as the necessity of rebuilding. Finally, we need to shift to a low carbon energy system. Think collectively on this problem, we can ‘t supply coal to other countries and continue our usage of fossil fuels without acknowledging the damage we’re creating to our planet.

2. NYTimes Sunday Business section: How to bridge the hiring Gap, by Robert Goldfarb. Not surprising, there is a gap between THE CEO’ s willingness to accept recent graduates for jobs while, the graduates believe they are capable . I don’t personally understand CEO reluctance. Having worked in many multi national corps, I had the hiring responsibility for Sr and junior management positions. As a VP at Bankers Trust, I hired 7 young people , all college graduates; bright, personable and willing to tackle any assignment. I never doubted for a minute that they would perform well . Needless to say, they adapted, learned new skills and contributed their talents to the Bank, making it a procedurally better environment. So, GIVE THE KIDS A CHANCE. IF THEY HAVE INTELLIGENCE, THEY’ll PERFORM.

3. On 60 minutes, According to David McCullough, the historian, we are not teaching history to our children and grandchildren and we should. It’s not too late. In the ” old days” we had the luxury of sitting down to dinner with the family and we all discussed the days events and listened to our parent’s stories. The oral rite, is a respected tradition along with reading. Wouldn’t it be great to go back to basics, become well educated , then teach and specialize. A “good” education can take you anywhere.

4. LOL NJ News 11/13/12. Hurricane vs Flood. No matter the designation, people have been the losers. Mayor Bloomberg is not Waiting for Federal Government help, he’ s releasing $500,000,000 for emergency repairs of schools and hospitals. As Washington debates, the fiscal cliff , it’s already adversely affecting all of us on the East Coast. Sandy has helped us slide faster then predicted .

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