PUBLIC ADVOCACY: The news isn’t good , but we have choices!

1. I was at a Private Party the other night when someone suggested their idea for making money, $500,000 jewel encrusted evening bags? You read correctly. Fast forward to the NY TIMES 1/13/13. Numerous articles on the State of Americans and America. Drought in the West, homeless in Wyoming, frozen crops in California; yet as a Nation we look, but don’t see the tragedy that’s unfolding before us. The climate is changing, the recession is continuing and we are sitting on our hands. WHERE’S THE CRY FOR EDUCATION, FOR INFRASTRUCTURE ? WHO NEEDS $500,000 EVENING BAGS? WE HAVE A CHOICE.

2. When I was growing up , BOCES, was an organization dedicated to helping the intellectually challenged. NOT ANY MORE! BOCES, HAS BECOME A HANDS ON LEARNING INSTITUTION, CREATING FUTURE ENGINEERS . I watched for hours, as (4) groups of 8 , juniors and seniors, scrimmaged, tweaking their robots to compete against teams. The kids were engrossed, engaged, actively working within their groups to create a robot to lift weights and extend it’s arms. The all girls team, THE TECHNO CHICKS, were equally as engaged as the guys; isn’t this what we want? Instead BOCES IS CUTTING THIS PROGRAM BY 50%; TO ACCOMMODATE THE GROWING NEED FOR COSMETOLOGISTS? We complain that we have no skilled workers. Yet when a program does provide engineering hands on training for our youth, we cut the program? WE HAVE A CHOICE!

3. if you’re reading my blog you care about our Society and humanity. May I suggest reading the NY TIMES OPINION, BY HELENE OLEN, author of “Pound Foolish : Exposing the dark side of personal finance”. Can’t save? Here’s why? As the average household net worth plunged 40% between 2007-2010, the cost of everything from health care to housing has risen for decades. Almost half of us our living pay check to pay check. Our collective STUDENT LOAN DEBT EXCEEDS $1TRILLION. Helene Olen, urges us to talk about money! Pick a cause and resolve to fight for change….

4. LOL. NY Times 1/13/13 THE LOW POLITICS OF LOW GROWTH, by Annie Lowrey. The grand bargain, just made in Congress, will in fact be punitive to the American worker, who’s real wages has been stagnant for 15 years. According to Milton Friedman, the Harvard economist, the legislated tax cuts, will decrease economic growth below 2%. Further, as corporate productivity climbs, corporate profits soars and wages are frozen at major corporations? The top 1% of households garnered 65% of all the nation’s income growth from 2002-2007 when the recession hit. Professor Katz , also of Harvard, says it would make sense to create a more progressive tax system when corporations and the top 1% are commanding more of the economic pie. THE CHOICE IS OURS, BE AWARE, BE CONCERNED/ FIGHT FOR CHANGE? ( Steven Greenhouse, NY TIMES & author, “The Big Squeeze, Tough times for the American worker”)

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