PUBLIC ADVOCACY: Financial reform/ Economic Concerns/ People

1. NY Times 4/20/13 Part time workers in Full Time wait for a better job. INVISIBLE underemployed workers do not count toward the standard jobless rate of 7.6%. A broader measure which counts the involuntary part timers as well as those who want to work but have stopped looking, stands at 13.8%. Since the ” recovery” started , 4 yrs ago, hiring has been concentrated in low wage service sectors, the Times reports, 1 out of 13 , are employed in the food service industry. The downward spiral in earnings continues with many at the subsistence level resorting to food stamps for survival. Who’s making these choices?

2.FINANCIAL TIMES4/20/13 Block trading failures intensify debate over risk : Block trading by European Bankers is the practice whereby blocks of ” equity” shares are bought at a discount and sold on the open market. It sounds right, but this practice has left Banks ” long and wrong”; unable to unload their shares . Bankers are now taking on too much risk on behalf of their clients, unable to unload their shares at a profit. Mark Tinker of Axa has a larger concern: ” Part of the role of a market maker is to maintain an orderly market and this role is being replaced by Bankers trying to pass off block trades as quickly as possible. The sales side has become disconnected from owners of capital .” We have a choice.

3. FINANCIAL TIMES 4/20/13 Easy money model storing up trouble for sudden swings. The 2 day drop of more the $200 in the price of Gold is making investors question, ” what’s next”. In the current climate of easy money from central banks, investors are right to worry the distortion in asset prices is no golden era. Also weighing on investor minds is the mixed signals coming from the US and global economies. To quote Bob Gelfond of MQS Asset Management, ” our situation is far more precarious today and European financial stress can derail the US and other markets.”

4. LOL FT 4/20/13 Policy makers call for further actions to boost global economy. G-20 Spring meetings scheduled amidst Talks in Washington that have highlighted growing fiscal divergence and a minimal level of coordination. Finance ministers and central bank governors gave warning that ” much more is needed to fulfill our commitment to address the ongoing weakness in the global economy.” Professor Alan Meltzer of Carnegie Mellon, ” asked the Bankers, Why has there been such a weak response to such an EXTROADINARY Stimulus?” No good answers came back. Choices? Ask the “People”.

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