PUBLIC ADVOCACY: The good life!

1. Bill Moyers PBS : The Newtown Dialog; stop demonizing gun owners and try to keep firearms out of the hands of would be murderers. The focus should be ” public safety”. Let’s separate the military from the Public’s need to bear arms and the lethality that ensues.

New Town Families are crossing the Country in the hope of creating an atmosphere for change which includes Public Safety , Public Awareness and caring. Francine Wheeler and her husband are joining other families who have suffered tragedies and creating non profit organizations dedicated to helping others in their Community. Go to Bill to view all the Web sites associated with Sandy Hook and gun violence. We have a choice.

2. We’re part of the 21 st Century, Technology has taken us all out of our comfort zone. We need a chance to catch our breath. True we don’t have the comforts we’d like to have but I do believe there is a dialog taking place at all levels of Society. With technology we all have a megaphone , we are equal. Involvement is a choice?

3. Heard on 60 Minutes: Action plan for Springfield ; Massachusetts Military tactics learned in Iraq is now used in Springfield, Mass. against the ” gangs”. State Police, an elite group, walk the streets of Springfield and get to know the people of their assigned Community. These Policemen are cooperating with the Community , empowering the residents to take back their Community. Harvard is helping the Police and the Community by building a data base that maps the Gangs social networks and then helps fracture those networks. We have choices; made possible by Technology , networking and caring.

4. Traumatic brain damage as a consequence of war. Private Foundations are building trauma centers on Military Bases party funded by Arnold Fisher. They anticipate 9000 patients per yr. to be housed at various Military bases in the USA . With our youth suffering from PTSD, brain trauma and early dementia as a consequence of our recent wars, one wonders, how do we protect our young? What choices should we make?

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