Public Advocacy: The Micro Level/Family & Money

Dear followers: Thanks for reading my previous Posts.  I’ve brought you the facts on the macro level and now pose a hypothetical question to you:  If you had 2 children, who you dearly loved, but appeared to favor one over the other, how would you correct the inequality? 


Without meaning to favor one over the other, it happened, one was  consistently given more. The child who was given everything, will continue demanding. This child’s needs will never be satisfied. 

The other child is loveable, too, but not as demanding as the cash seeking sibling.  It’s easier to say “NO” to this child .   However, over time, the situation changed drastically for the child who got less. This child now wants and needs money to live, impoverishment is not a solution.

The question: How do you make restitution to the the child who got less?  Not solving the problem is not acceptable.  You want both children to talk to each other and to feel loved and cherished by you, the parent.


I propose this analogy to help focus our attention on Society’s problem; one sector of Society has gotten less, much less.  If we can solve “our family” problem, we can solve our problem on the macro level too.  One step at a time!

As always, your comments are welcome and appreciated. Thanks for following me. All the best. Joyce

3 thoughts on “Public Advocacy: The Micro Level/Family & Money

  1. Ah, Dear “Voice of Joyce,” now that’s a question for the ages. Maybe it begins at birth. Maybe every child must have a lesson in asking for what she or he needs/wants—and—then parents must “pay attention” when they answer the request. (Is it necessary for life, for confidence, for stability, for courage, for sense of worth, for fun,…?)

    I believe it’s a give and take—a collaboration—a team effort—to make sure “no child” feels “left out,” “shunned,” “favored,” “entitled.” There is no “one” answer. It’s a collective of answers and everyone must be willing to participate.

    So, there you go. How do we encourage everyone to play the game? You encourage, inform, empower “one” at a time. And hopefully you start the exponential rolling of the ball—to copy a phrase – everyone will then be actively “Paying it Forward!”

    On a different note: wanted to share: please visit this web page——I was pleasantly surprised.

    Onward, M

    PS: I have two WordPress blogs—haven’t added anything very recently: AND

    1. Whoever you are, thank you for your response. THAT’s the idea, let it catch on and every one ” play it forward”. I keep going, one person at time, help spread ” the word.”

      I will definitely look into your website and any suggestions you may have. All the best. Joyce

    2. Thanks for your insights. I will check out your blog as well as your link.
      You’re right. It is a work in progress. Paying it forward, one person at a time.
      Please feel free to comment anytime.
      All the best. Joyce

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