PUBLIC ADVOCACY: No more debate, inequality exists, create jobs

You can’t make this stuff up. The. NY TIMES (last week) wrote about the following topics of concern  : Climate Change and income inequality

They are linked. As the major European nations struggle through recession,  the targets for Carbon emissions have been met. Unemployed workers use less energy

Next we read in the FT 1/24/14. America’s Corporate Investment Drought. Finally investors are no longer willing to plow  back corporate cash at expensive prices into their companies. At long last, they’re asking for investment in capital projects. Just like Buffett used to say, if he couldn’t invest your money better then you could, he’d give a dividend.   Buffett was no fool.

We can’t invest in America without Corporate expansion and Corporations can’t survive unless they continue to grow. See NY Times 2/3/14, “The Middle Class is Steadily eroding, just ask the Business World.   Finally, Big Business is aware that the Middle Class has lost it’s buying power!  They can’t survive long  with purchasing at the top and lower income levels.   Coupled with the fact that our Corporations are sitting on $7 Trillion , it’s time, past time to deploy that cash.

The sad fact, when the middle class was wiped out that money didn’t suddenly evaporate. It was transferred to Corporations, banks, insurance companies and other bank like entities and it’s available to be redeployed once again, we just have to think creatively to be able to give back a cushion to the Middle Class.

We need to create a diverse thriving middle class. They spend and circulate their money. Review / read my previous posts for ideas, I’ve generated dozens over the last year and a half..  Then,  communicate, comment and share your  ideas  for  ” repatriating our ” money?

There are trillions available.  Obama is releasing Billions to the states and Private Enterprise Zones.  $16 billion has the potential to create 320,000 jobs at $50,000 each, what could we do with trillions? Wake up Americans !   Don’t waste more time.

Every time I read the papers, and become reinforced about the amount of money waiting to be tapped for new projects and yes,  jobs, I become furious. Though I’m not naive, I know why the money is not available for development of our most precious resources, our people, I still feel outraged over the senseless suffering. Those who have so much , we are not asking you to give up your livelihood , we merely ask that we share in your profits, too! I can’t forget that the Middle Class was decimated to provide the top % with undeserved gains. I can’t forgive the incompetence, not brilliance that destroyed the social fabric of so many societies, and barely looked back. My son accuses me of driving like” Mr Magoo,” I am well aware of my “short comings” , but what’s the moguls excuse for their complete disregard for the rest of the folks living and sharing this planet?

Enough debate. Inequality exists . The money exists to resolve our problems. What are we going to do about it and when and how are we going to limit the cronyism associated with the dispensing of funds, to meaningfully create jobs and end this Recession globally? The $64 Trillion question, in this era of inflated funds. Politics effects us, we have choices and we should start choosing now. My humble opinion, which, you dear reader  usually agree with, let’s begin together.

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