PUBLIC ADVOCACY: The art of listening

The art of listening carefully. When some people speak, you have to listen. When John Kerry said, Israel will make Peace with The Palestinians or there would be a Third Infatada, he knew ! No, not the rocks and bomb type, but the Monetary kind. Like Thomas Friedman echoed in the NY Times, 2/5/14, European Nations would withdraw money from Israel. They would continue their academic boycotts and leverage their heinous activity by imposing ” economic sanctions ” on Israel. Where’s the proportionality? Is Israel a rogue nation like Iran? What’s happening? Kerry knew there would be a 3 rd Intifada because he set the deals in motion before starting the Peace Process. Do I believe this to be true ?;   With all my heart.

It’s just like the market, Wall Street, when everyone says it’s out of balance by 30%, pay attention! because the Market will ” right” itself. Those in the know, know the market is due for a correction. Buyer beware. Until, you think it’s time for bottom fishing or true value buying.

Some people ” know” and some people have the Power to make what they know ” reality”. Listen carefully, be skeptical and act on prognostications if you can.

In Israel’s case, building bridges to a new future is in their best interests. Be diplomatic, practice diplomacy and if possible, this is an opportunity to draw a revised Israeli Palestinian Boundary. From what I’m reading, much of the West Bank boundary was drawn on the hood of a jeep. People are debating the spread of the magic marker line, as it zig zagged over grit and gravel on the hood and spread the ink wherever the engine was too hot.  . That’s how Boundaries are made when they are not fixed by rivers or mountain ranges. So, I say to everyone involved in the process, this is an opportunity to draw a map that works. Act as if, no borders existed before and do what’s reasonable and practicable. I agree with Israel. They need defensible borders. No one should love War more then life , but that’s the reality on the ground in the Middle East . Try a boundary , it’s not permanent until all Parties agree that it works .

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