PUBLIC ADVOCACY: An update on The Gaza offensive by Lt Col Peter Lerner

My photo from the Dan Hotel Tel Aviv/October 2013
My photo from the Dan Hotel Tel Aviv/October 2013

Dear readers, it is with a heavy heart that I resume writing today. I had the opportunity to sit in on a conference call with Lt. Colonel Peter Lerner of the Israeli Defense Forces, once again. (The first time was after the kidnapping and murder of the 3 Israeli teens.). Israel is trying to restrain their response to the more then 130 rockets lobbed by Hamas onto the Southern and central regions of their country during the last 3 days. Today they intercepted a rocket over Tel Aviv.

In my view, this is a deliberate act to destroy civilian population centers in Israel . As such, Israel , though trying to show restraint, has no other alternative but to fight back and protect their civilian population. In response to this latest round of terror , on Hamas’ part, Israel has called up 40,000 reservists to man whatever posts and operations are required to quell this uprising. We know that violence begets violence and those who love life find no glory in destruction of life or property.

Therefore, I urge everyone to  re-consider the consequences of this engagement. No population escapes the horrors of war. Everyone loses as the children on all sides suffer immense trauma. There is no point to this continued violence. We are not living in the Middle Ages and should be looking to our leaders to care about their People and not about them selves .  Wouldn’t it be better to live the ” good life” in Peace and prosperity? Israel has already stated they will meet” calm with calm”. Isn’t that enough? You , the people of Gaza, have nothing to lose and everything to gain by saying no to an escalation of war.

I would urge Hamas to look for Peace, might is not on your side. The People of Gaza can not be protected if War escalates. I’m sure the Israeli’s would rather return to their homes and businesses as well. It is time for Hamas to help their People survive in a turbulent world and prepare for a civilized world, not one of poverty and constant terror.

My 2 cents. Based upon what I’ve heard via the recent conference call with Lt Col Peter Lerner. Once again, though Israel will protect her citizens there is a call for a cease fire. As my son might say , God forbid, it might be better to pursue Peace , education and prosperity, then War.

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    1. Thanks for giving my Blog a try!
      This was an particularly interesting and emotional interval with Lt Col Peter Lerner.
      I felt I learned from the call and developed even greater compassion for Israel and Israelis.
      All the best. Joyce

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