PUBLIC ADVOCACY: Hamas & the Humanitarian Cease Fire

Sound familiar. I can’t feed my people but wait , I can purchase parts for rockets, tunnels, unmanned aerial vehicles, and enemy combatants who arrived on the Gaza beaches last week. The People of Gaza or any oppressed People have been duped by their governments. By acquiescing , by submitting to the leadership ,  they will surely be killed or other’s  will die  in their  place.

Not the leaders of Hamas, they’re smart. They’re out of the country like Osama Hamdan who reports from Beirut . Or the other leaders whose houses have been destroyed while they hide underground or out of the country, too? Not to fear, Hamas leadership is not standing on rooftops or anywhere near the battlefield. They’ll live to speak for a vanquished people . While they leave others to die in their place.


Obviously, the “nefarious”  blockades didn’t work. One has to question who funded Hamas? How much money did they receive? How much money could have gone to the destitute 47% of the Gaza population?   The definition of  “chutzpah” ! First you steal from your People, then you want them to die for you? It’s obvious that given a choice, during this temporary “humanitarian” cease fire,  a lot of people in Gaza prefer to live and purchase goods for their survival .   You have a voice and a choice when Politics effects you.

I saw this article when using the Financial Times app and thought you might be interested:  The 2nd article from the BBC shows the people of Gaza during the “humanitarian” cease fire!

Financial Times,
Gaza conflict revives Hamas fortunes

John Reed in Gaza City

Militant group has focused popular anger on Israel in spite of financial crisis and a loss of regional allies

Read the full article at:

The people of Gaza leading their lives during a temporary "humanitarian" cease fire.
 Hamas continues rocket fire into Israel's Southern cities.  "Calm for calm"?

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