PUBLIC ADVOCACY: Stand Up for Israel/2 Women Speak!

Hi dear readers:  As I take conference calls from Israel, I will forward the webinars to you for your consideration.  Last week, this conference call was held discussing the impact of “the War ” on 2 Israeli women affiliated with Jerusalem U.  Their stories are available to you, my community.   Please continue commenting on my Posts and the information provided.  Your feedback is always appreciated.  If anyone has their stories to add, please share and continue the conversation.  Wishing everyone the best. Joyce


  Last Thursday’s call with Nechama Abramson & Karean Peretz on an insider’s view on living and working in Israel during these trying times .

If you missed the call, or would like to hear it again, you can listen to the recorded version HERE.

For more information about the Step Up For Israel campaign, visit our website :

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