PUBLIC ADVOCACY: We are taught to hate others. Why do so many listen?

Photo on 2014-03-08 at 16.48It’s illogical to hate Jews and Israel. Even if I weren’t a Jew, it would make no sense. Follow my logic, please.

There are 13 million Jews left in the World, over 50% live in the US. The rest of us are scattered throughout the world which consists of approximately 7 billion + people. JEWS don’t even register as a percentage of the World’s population total. If we are intelligent , it’s ” thanks ” to natural selection and the Malthusian theory; war, pestilence and famine which pruned our population leaving only those capable of survival .

What do Jews have to fear? Everyone. I constantly ask why the hatred? Why do the Arabs and others want our demise.?  Who will they fight when their anger is not concentrated on the Jews? The answer is obvious, they will fight among themselves for supremacy, as noted by the recent rise in terrorists , whether Sunni or Shiite.


Speaking of billions,   why is “some Arab” money being used to Boycott Israeli  academics?   When professors are bought and told ” no Jews” allowed? That’s racist. There should be no moral dilemma for academics in this country or elsewhere. If no Jews or Israelis are allowed to speak, academic freedom has been jeopardized. No one should belong to an organization which dictates who may present academic papers. The exclusion of one group is a slippery slope leading to the exclusion of many other groups.   Who will remain to make a credible scientific case? BDS makes no sense to me.


I also stand up for the rights of others as well. I don’t like ” blind” hatred. We are not perfect. We are human, we all feel and we all have similar needs and DNA, we are after all brothers and sisters separated by ideologies. We are not born to hate , we are taught to hate.  Since  “Man “is capable of creating atrocities,  why can’t “Man ”  practice self control, consideration and compassion, as well?

Last Wednesday, I went with dread to listen to  a video of a fallen IDF soldier ,Tal Ifrach, prepared by his sister to  memorialize and celebrate his life.   I thought I would encounter hatred of the enemy.  Instead  I experienced  their grave sadness for the loss of one of Israel’s young heroes. Tal was 21 when he died fighting for his country. A young man, full of life, full of fun and yet part of a chosen elite ISRAELI force, the Golani  Brigade. He was tasked with entering the home of a Hamas leader which contained  HAMAS fighters and more significantly,  one of 31 tunnels leading to a Kibbutz . The Hamas plan, exposed by IDF soldiers , like Tal, who gave their lives for their country and I believe, Jews worldwide, was prevented.   ( Hamas Planned to stage a multi pronged attack on ISRAELI children during the JEWISH High Holy Days. A dreadfully evil intent.)

When questioned about the atmosphere in Israel today, the family stated they felt unsafe and threatened by HEZBOLLAH in the North and ISIS in SYRIA . As a citizen of the world, I think, Hezbollah fears ISIS as much as we do!   However, that didn’t prevent them from wounding 2 Israeli soldiers guarding the Lebanese Border. A warning Hezbollah stated, as if Israel has any wish to fight anyone else now.   Their people, like Americans, are more concerned about their standard of living and the price of  “MILKY” a food product they like to purchase, rather then War.


We have a voice,  we have a choice when Politics affects US!

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