From my desk to you:  Dear readers 5/21/14
From my desk to you: Dear readers 5/21/14

My fellow Americans there is  no new news to report on the Economic front.  The Fed’s Janet Yellen has noticed there are two America’s .  While the Senators I wrote to , on 5/9/14, asking for them to help us support their Legislation has fallen on deaf ears.  I know they are still working on their behalf, since I continue to receive requests for funding.  See the attached link, to my archival Post dated 5/9/14 A letter to Elizabeth Warren, John McCain etal.

The Summer has come and gone  along with our hopes for  change in our Economic status quo .  Congress  now enjoys an extended recess prior to the mid term elections.  Their re-election  and funding is upper most in their thoughts as they pursue reinstatement.   Meanwhile,  the usual pundits are still wondering what happened to the consumer’s buying power.  Except some Bloomberg news reporters  who have recently correctly stated that the Middle Class has been wiped out and lacks purchasing power!  However, this news was not convincing and  has not stopped most Pundits from wondering  if these pronouncements are just a downer ?   The Market can’t make up it’s mind either,  as it cycles violently from zephyr to through?  Some folks are still making money.   The Banks and Bankers are profiting now that they  have shed Mortgages and Loan portfolios.    The Banks are  enjoying record profits from fees and brokerage activity, while the Middle and lower classes are worrying about their ability to educate and feed themselves and  their children.   There is so much to think about on the home front, as  approximately 1/3 rd of our population is either underemployed or on food stamps or both.   Instead the media and the Papers are consumed with the latest topic” du jour”:  the War on ISIS in the Middle East and Ebola , a once obscure  West African disease, that has recently landed on our Shores.

With so much distraction during this “Mid Term ” season, there is no  time to think about “we the People” or to plan to bring AMERICANS out of the 2008 Recession.   ” We the people ” must care about our plight, more then our elected officials, as it was in 1776, “we have taxation without representation”.

Before the Summer began, I wrote several articles, advocating for the passage of legislation which would enable the Middle Class to prepare for a change in the status quo. I will link  some of these  Posts to this renewed  ” plea for action”. You the people have my voice, but you must want change more then I. I can not advocate in a vacuum.  The poor and the Middle Class need a vacation.  I propose we all take a vacation on November 1st.  It would be good for ourselves, our families and our Communities, if we had the time to think about our plight and stay home till the Economic Status Quo changed in this country.  Yes, you  read correctly,  everyone goes home and stays home until legislation is passed to stop these financial bubbles from  reoccurring. We need this interlude to refresh ourselves, take a vacation, perhaps, like Camus’ The Plague suggests, this might be a good time to get to know our families and our Community.  Do utilize this opportunity to entertain yourselves locally with your neighbors.  Let’s  show our elected officials we are serious about job creation and we realize that  incurring more personal debt is not the way forward for the Middle Class.

Instead, I propose a National Vacation , take time off,  rest with your families and recharge your batteries so that we can be better parents, spouses and citizens. We need this Vacation to reclaim our sense of Peoplehood , to join with our fellow Americans to overturn the corrupt corporate welfare state we have created.

We don’t have to demand much but we do have to demand that essential legislation be passed to assure that AMERICA becomes the agent of change in our World once again. All Nations are joined by our common fiscal policies , we need safety walls to prevent the crisis seen in 2008 from repeating itself. We are citizens of the world. We are citizens of the 21 st Century, we do not have much time left to right “wrong headed” views on our survival . If we fail to act, by 2032, we may lose more then our Social Security net, we may lose many lives to disease,  War and drought as we struggle to survive on the “hostile” planet we created. It is never too late to act,  but act we must. Together, we should have one thought, this is not a dream, we want to reclaim our place in our World for our children and their children. We want to go back to a way of life that ensured our happiness and prosperity.

This is my plan. Dear readers, anyone is free to add their own thoughts but I suggest we start somewhere and the time is right. “Take a vacation” before the shopping season begins, that’s the only way anyone will notice the seriousness of ” we the People”.

Thank you for reading and listening. We need to unite to bring back our inalienable rights.

If you agree, we should be continuing our dialogue , do  stock up on food for a long siege and don’t give anyone the opportunity to hurt you. We’ve moved beyond Birmingham and personal bloodshed.   The money matters to those in Power, while  we have nothing else to lose. Good luck and good day. Let’s come together to support each other because after the passage of several bills and the overturning of Citizens United. There will be much work to be done. We will have to invest our time in rebuilding our society to sustain itself through the 21 sy Century and beyond. This is a call to action.

Take a Vacation on November 1 st. Go home and stay home. When they notice our absence, I would be happy to represent us with our preliminary demands for a return of the Middle Class. We have a voice, we have a choice and Politics does effect us.

PS:  In chronological order, I’ve linked  several archival Posts discussing our State of Inequality and the solutions.  Please share in the conversation, comment and let’s all be involved!  Thanks for reading.  Our Community has grown by the 1000’s and “the voice of joyce” has received 106,000+ hits.  Thank you once again dear reader.  I wish everyone, only the best of times.

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