PUBLIC ADVOCACY: Join me as I travel/ made possible thru ProTravel

Dear Followers:
ILondon sites have won an amazing grand prize trip, a raffle, sponsored by Pro Travel of Woodmere, Long Island, New York. You might wonder, how did I win and ” my response”, “be nice to your friends”, that’s how I won, I was asked to attend this function and I was rewarded, big time!!!

I’ve been so happy planning my trip, that   my Blogging has suffered. However, I will take you all on vacation with me as I photograph London and Paris and give you a bird’s eye view of these cities and their citizens. I’ve planned every day of the trip and plan to attend theater in London and concerts and the Opera in Paris.

I expect day trips to include visits to interesting small museums and other city sites.

Join me on my journey, from the heights of 5 Star Hotels to ethnic restaurants . Oh, did I mention, I’m connecting London to Paris via the Chunnel. Truly an exciting adventure!

My Photo Eiffel Tower
My Photo Eiffel Tower

Talk to you when I’m able. Thinking about you all and wishing you the best.
Happy New Year!

4 thoughts on “PUBLIC ADVOCACY: Join me as I travel/ made possible thru ProTravel

  1. Bon voyage! When in Paris, take many pictures and drink copious quantities of great wine. Fran and I wish we could be with you. Happy New Year Fran and Chad

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    1. Love you both. Looking forward to seeing you in 2015. Will follow the advice of my elders,LOL, and betters. I’ll drink a toast to both of you. 120 yrs of Happiness and good health. 👍❤️Joyce

  2. Miss u Joyce!

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