The Voice of Joyce: “Two States for Two People ” concept and MAP!

Photo on 5-30-15 at 11.31 AMI am for the Pope , I understand that he gave the Peace process a nudge. He is protecting Christian enclaves , like Jericho and he’s correct to do so. Was it so bad to call ABBAS an “Angel of Peace”? I don’t think so. In 1976, Kissinger, relentlessly pursued Golda Meir until the State of Israel agreed to give Sinai back to Egypt. For Peace, there were trade offs. Was I angry, before, I calmed down and understood why The Pope’ chose to comment now and why his continued involvement. I understand the necessity for Peace, no one I know and like, thinks Israel will exist without a plan for a Two State Solution!   Denial of facts on the ground can’t persist , the status quo is not acceptable. Therefore, with the Pope’s involvement, renewed interest in a two state solution is inevitable. According to the formation of the State of Israel, a two State solution was the only way to maintain a Jewish State with a Jewish identity. “Two States for Two people.”

Remember the history of the State of Israel?   Israel was formed by UN mandate in 1948. At the same time, the Palestinians were granted territory for a State which they refused. Instead, they chose war against the newly formed State rather then establish the Peace. This scenario has been continuing for 67 yrs. Does this war like condition have to persist? No.
When I saw Athol Fugards play,” The Painted Rocks” , playing at the Signature Theater in NYC, I found myself conflicted about who the South Africans represented? Were they the Israelis or the Palestinians? Who gets to stay and who leaves. If so, where? This is not an easy decision. Nor should it be. For 67 yrs they have been battling. Now it’s time to change the dance and think coexistence , people and economics.
Open to new thoughts and solace, on  a Friday in mid May, I looked forward to attending Shul. The Stephan Wise Free Synagogue hosted Israel’s elite, the young people chosen to be Israel’s future leaders. They too are conflicted.. One young man wants to maintain the status quo while another sees present day Israel as becoming ” a little bit racist”. I know how I felt when I saw films, that were / are” a little bit anti Semitic” . As JEWS we were taught to look for every nuance, that passed the “anti-Semitic test”. I guess other people feel the same way about their culture. Perhaps we are all a ” little bit too sensitive”?

I prefer to focus on the second young man’s point of view ( in my lexicon, anyone can be a young person, if they’re flexible and think “young”.  Young has nothing to do with age.  But I digress!)   When I asked his opinion  about a one State solution vs a Two State solution. He presented the first argument I could understand and accept. His discussion follows: If, as Amos Horev, postulated , when thinking about a two State solution : He said, either there will be a resolution of the people’s dilemma , creating a Palestinian State, or the  Israeli’s would continue building .   This is the Israeli problem, if there was a One State Solution, Israel might cease to be a uniquely Jewish State.  According to Israel’s ” Declaration of Independence ” the maintenance of a JEWISH State is ” absolute”. But it is absolute for many reasons. The most important one is the continuation of the JEWISH people residing in their own Homeland. I get that.
Therefore, taking into account the neighborhood and the document establishing a JEWISH State as a refuge for all JEWS.  Israel has been designated as the sanctuary for the Jewish people in perpetuity.  The facts demand that a PALESTINIAN State be created.

As I continued our discussion we began to talk about the boundaries of the Palestinian State in the abstract,  aware of the pain it would cause to both people, as we shifted populations to accommodate the newly formed  States.    After several weeks of careful deliberation, while keeping Maps of the existing State of Israel at my side, I continued to develop the boundaries of what I thought might work as a plan for “Two States for Two People:.   Always mindful of the facts on the ground and the populations in place,  I have taken our original discussion to the next level and created a State with boundaries, that would allow both States to have continued access to the region.

By creating this newly formed Palestinian State  extending ” South of the Sea of  Galilee and  the north of the Dead Sea”, Israel maintains defensible Borders.   Land swaps and cut outs to be detailed .  The enclosed Map draws the defined territory as running from the “Towns” of  Ramallah in the South to Janin to Tubas to Jericho.  Rawabi, the newly built “City on the Hill”, could be the new State’s Capital.  A new Capital for a new state.

Rawabi, 10/2013
Rawabi, 10/2013

It could work. After much personal agony and sleepless nights, I  propose the configuration on the Map I’ve inexpertly drawn. There will be swaps but basically the concept  is doable. This is a new position for me.  I intend to speak about  this concept with “people” attending The JERUSALEM Post Conference on 6/7/15 and the NIF dinners in June. Through Social Media, I invite everyone involved, Palestinians, Israelis, Egyptians, Jordanians, #POTUS and the Pope to offer constructive criticism. This issue will become an  experiment in interactive social media usage as well!
it’s up to the Palestinians and the Israelis to choose peaceful coexistence and a better way of life. They may be the only humane refuge in a sea of terror and misery. Time indeed is of the essence. The more time elapsing, under the “status quo”, the more people confronted with idleness and the increase in poverty , the greater the likelihood for radicalization?
Thinking aloud, this is not an easy decision to make.  Transferring several populations takes judicious and careful consideration. After the framework for these new entities are agreed upon,  It could take 5 yrs,to 15 years to create the housing and infrastructure to relocate people and towns.. It might take more money then either Israel or the Muslim community can provide. But if both parties are  dedicated to  creating “Two States for Two People,” it could work.

  • I look forward to an island of peaceful coexistence that could bring hope to a troubled region. One can dream!

As always, dear followers and readers, I anticipate a lively discussions of this concept.  Wishing everyone a great day!

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