TheVoiceOfJoyce Many are still without power in Florida where the storm surges hit. Unfortunately, there were many fatalities and officials are being asked , “why did they wait to evacuate”? Lee County, in particular, held off in evacuations. Many of the poor and middle classes have no insurance, though Insurance hits are said to total at least $48 Billion. This may take a while to restore cities and towns. Sanibel Island , home to a 6000 diverse community, has been severed from the mainland. Rebuilding, in the wake of Ian has to be rethought, this may not be Florida’s last devastating Hurricane.

At least 85 storm-related deaths have been confirmed since Ian crashed ashore Florida’s Gulf Coast with catastrophic force on Wednesday as a Category 4 hurricane with maximum sustained winds of 150mph (240kph).

Hurricane Ian: Americans urged to weigh risks of rebuilding in vulnerable areas

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Florida accounted for all but four of the fatalities, with 42 tallied by the sheriff’s office in coastal Lee County, which bore the brunt of the storm when it made landfall, and 39 other deaths reported by officials in four neighbouring counties.

Officials in Lee County, which includes Fort Myers and Cape Coral and is on the Gulf Coast, have faced questions over whether they mandated evacuations in time.

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