TheVoiceOfJoyce About 12, 000 Nurses will strike on 1/9/23 for patient nurse ratios, increased pay and healthcare. While CEO’s make millions and hospitals make record profits, the nurses are forced to work long hours and take care of 20 patients. They have said, they can’t take care of more then 5 patients on a shift, or the patient suffers. The following hospitals will be part of the strike, unless a fair contract is reached and hospitals pay a fair wage and benefits to attract 1000’s of nurses to fill vacancies. Hospitals going on strike: BronxCare, Montefiore, NY Presbyterian, Mt Sinai complex, Richmond University medical complex and 4 other hospitals are voting to join the strike: Interfaith, Kingsbrook, Wyckoff and the Brooklyn hospital center. If you’ve been in a Hospital ER , you’ll understand, nurses are overburdened and burnt out. They need ratios of care to effectively take care of patients. Standards of care , once achieved, should become effective State wide and include all care facilities, especially nursing and rehabilitation centers.

At least 12,000 nurses at seven hospitals in New York City are threatening to strike after their union contract expired at the end of last year. A strike date is set for 9 January.

The nurses are pushing for the hospitals to implement and enforce safe staffing ratios, improve wages in line with inflation, and maintain health insurance coverage as opposed to proposed cuts by the hospitals.

Minnesota nurses’ strike vote puts safety and conditions in spotlight

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Nurses at BronxCare, Montefiore, Mount Sinai hospital, Mount Sinai Morningside and West, New York-Presbyterian and Richmond University medical center voted in favor of a strike authorization with 98.8% voting in support at the end of December 2022.

Another 4,000 nurses at New York Presbyterian reached a tentative agreement on 1 January.

Four additional hospitals, Interfaith medical center, Kingsbrook Jewish medical center, the Brooklyn hospital center, and Wyckoff Heights medical center, representing 1,200 nurses with the New York State Nurses Association are still in the process of voting but are expected to authorize a strike as well.

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