TheVoiceOfJoyce What you don’t know, can hurt you or someone you love. Did you know, 1 in 5 workers, in low paying jobs, have signed non compete clauses? With Lina Kahn, as the head of the FTC, she’s banning non compete agreements. To break up monopoly power, non compete agreements should be banned at all salary levels. Money in Labor’s pocket, resurrects our Middle Class. All Americans should support banning non compete clauses in employment contracts. Why would I support this FTC ruling? I thrived in the Labor force without a non compete agreement, I changed jobs and professions every 3+ yrs and increased my salary regularly. The multi national corporations employing me, made millions from my ideas.

the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) proposed a sweeping new rule that would ban these non-compete agreements.

This is a big deal. The FTC estimates that such a ban could increase wages by nearly $300bn a year (about $2,000 a worker, on average) by allowing workers to pursue better job opportunities.

Non-competes also harm the economy, depriving growing businesses of talent and experience they need to build and expand. California’s ban on non-competes has been a major reason for Silicon Valley’s success.

The rule isn’t a sure thing. House Republicans will try to kill it. Corporate America will appeal it up to the supreme court, which is hostile to independent regulatory agencies such as the FTC.

For decades, non-compete agreements have been cropping up all over the economy – not just in high-paying fields like banking and tech but as standard boilerplate for employment contracts in many low-wage sectors such as construction, hospitality and retail.

A recent study found one in five workers without a college education subject to them, disproportionately women and people of color.

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