TheVoiceOfJoyce EU member states ,Australia and the US are training Ukrainian troops. The Russians continue to target civilian buildings and the death toll from the apartment complex, hit by Russian rockets , in Dnipro, has risen. A commander in the Wagner group defected to Norway and fears for his life. He said, conscripts in the Wagner group were routinely shot by their superiors. Assuming, Belarus is aiding Russia and will join their war effort, elites in the ministry and the Their President have been sanctioned by the West. Russia has been told by Serbia to stop their illegal recruitment campaigns. Ukrainians are being trained as quickly as possible to fight against Russian invaders and tactical missiles. The Ukrainian counteroffensive has just begun and the loan guarantees from the EU will help them keep their “ lights on”.

The EU executive has confirmed it is releasing €3bn in emergency aid for Ukraine, the first tranche of an €18bn fund intended to help its government run essential public services during the winter.

Speaking to an audience at Davos, the European Commission president, Ursula von der Leyen, confirmed the release of the €3bn, which would pay public sector wages, pensions and keep schools and hospitals running.

Describing the funding as a strong message, Von der Leyen said:

We are in it for as long as it takes and stand by our Ukrainian friends.

The €18bn aid is the largest direct support to a non-member government the EU has ever provided, but was agreed with difficulty among the 27 member states. While 26 EU countries swiftly signed off the plan, agreement was delayed by Hungary’s rightwing nationalist government, which was seeking leverage over the EU in an unrelated dispute over its access to funds.

EU officials have previously estimated that Ukraine needs about €3bn-€4bn a month to keep going. The financial aid comes in the form of cheap loans with long repayment deadlines and requires EU member states to guarantee the loans and pay the interest.

The EU expects to usually disburse €1.5bn a month to Kyiv and wants other allies to help meet Ukraine’s monthly running costs.

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