TheVoiceOfJoyce For the last 8 months Russia has not controlled the territory it annexed. When Zelensky receives the weapons promised, leopard tanks and long range missiles, they’ll have enough for an effective counteroffensive. The bombing of Infrastructure has been relentless and causes great hardship to Ukrainians during this cold snap. 116 Ukrainians were returned today mediated by the UAE. To promote his book and credentials, Mike Pompeo, claims Putin wouldn’t have invaded Ukraine on his watch. Maybe, though it’s useful to remember, Trump built an apartment/ casino complex in the Ukraine, for ousted President, Yanukovych. He was a Russian puppet, forced out of office and fled back to Russia. Additionally, in deference to Trumps 30 year relationship with Putin, Trump watered down the RNC language on Ukraine, stating America would act, if deemed necessary. He would not commit to using force. Facts are better then Pompeo’s speculations. Putin invaded the Ukraine and the Russian people will pay a heavy price for Putin’s mistake. Ukraine will be rebuilt.

More than 130,000 Russian soldiers have been killed in battle since their invasion, according to Ukrainian statistics.

They say another 720 were killed on Friday, bringing the total to 130,590. Ukrainian forces took out another six armoured personnel vehicles, three tanks and three anti-aircraft systems.

The figures, published by the general staff of the armed forces of Ukraine, have not been independently verified, and Russian statistics differ.

Last Updated: 04:18 Saturday, 04 February 2023

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Another group of Russian prisoners of war have been released, according to news agencies.

A total of 63 were released after negotiations with Ukraine were mediated by the United Arab Emirates, Reuters reports. They include “sensitive category” people, it added.

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