TheVoiceOfJoyce The registration of voters never stops in Georgia and it shouldn’t. The New Georgia Project intends to register 40,000 new voters. Registration is always open and every state with restrictive voting Laws needs an ongoing voter registration drive. Wisconsin has an off year election to their State Supreme Court. This is an important, get out the vote moment. State Supreme Court positions allow voting rights restrictions and control the ultimate State ballot counts. Protect your Democracy, register and vote in the Wisconsin election. Your vote counts. A note to Mississippi voters, the folks in Jackson Mississippi are suffering, get out the Vote drives are necessary there full time. Why let Politics affect Mississippi? Why have poor education, no water and no representation? Get out voter registration drives every day.

According to Blair, New Georgia Project is on track to register 40,000 new voters this year alone. Once they are registered, the group turns to engaging new voters and offering issue-based education to secure turnout for the 2024 presidential election.


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“This work always continues,” said Blair. “There are no off years, and we are hitting the soil so that when we call on our voters in these big moments, they have been educated enough to understand the significance of the moment, and they show up and deliver every single time.”

Voting rights organizers throughout Georgia have built a robust multi-issue coalition over the last decade. Now, the organizations within this coalition are expanding their approach to voter engagement, seeking new ways to develop and strengthen the state’s electorate and build momentum year-round.

One critical role of voting groups in the off year is to push back against new restrictive voting laws. Since the US supreme court gutted section 5 of the Voting Rights Act in 2013, a section designed to discourage discriminatory voting practices, hundreds of new voting laws have created restrictions. But the decision also inspired new voting rights advocates and organizations who work between election cycles to combat these changes.

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