AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce On day 364, the US pledged unconditional support for all NATO members. Finding and Sweden are seeking membership, now. Turkey is tasked with being an honest broker for the renewal, for one year , of Ukrainian grain shipments through Mykolaiv. Russia is blocking the port. As the Ukrainian counteroffensive weapons are rushed into production, Putin is preparing for a renewed offensive. At some point, Russia may annex Belarus? China is pledging to broker peace , as a Russian ally. In other conversations, China is declaring friendship with Russia? Meanwhile, the NATO nations have never been closer and in agreement on their commitment to each other and Ukraine.

Nato must “seriously plan” for the likely future reality of a Russian-controlled Belarus, the US-based thinktank the Institute for the Study of War (ISW) has warned. Putin will “very likely secure significant gains in restoring Russian suzerainty over Belarus” and use it as a launch pad to further threaten Ukraine and Nato’s eastern flank, regardless of the outcome of his invasion of Ukraine, the ISW said in its latest update on the war.

Ukraine will ask Turkey and the UN this week to start talks to roll over the Black Sea grain deal, seeking an extension of at least one year that would include the ports of Mykolaiv, a senior Ukrainian official said. Yuriy Vaskov, Ukraine’s deputy minister of restoration also said he wanted the ports of Mykolaiv included in the deal, and that Russia’s current occupation of the Kinburn spit was an obstacle. The spit of land overlooks the route that ships would use to sail from Mykolaiv’s ports into the Black Sea.

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