AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Who’s culpable in the Northern Southern derailment? The railroad should assume culpability for the toxins released into East Palestine, Ohio’s air. Why are Railroad workers going on strike? Railroad workers have been arguing for time off, better benefits and safely maintained equipment. It’s now clear, the engineer tried to stop the train , couldn’t and there was a derailment causing POLY VINYL TO VAPORIZE. Poly vinyl is the base for PVC, tubing materials that are toxic. Stop protecting Corporate malfeasance. Americans are dying because American Corporations are not accountable for their equipment and the harm done to our environment. When do we insist and enforce Corporate responsibility? Class Action Lawsuits?

The train engineer put the brakes on and the automatic braking system activated, the report said. But the train still derailed and was engulfed in a huge fireball, near the town of East Palestine, on 3 February.

‘We just need answers’: distrust grows in Ohio town after toxic train derailment

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Fifty of the train’s 149 cars derailed, with 11 of the derailed cars carrying huge quantities of toxic chemicals, prompting an evacuation order and a declaration of a state of emergency in the Ohio town, which has been gripped by fears of toxic water and air, despite assurances from state and federal officials that the area is largely safe.

Some residents have since returned amid fears about immediate and longer-term health risks.

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