TheVoiceOfJoyce More nations are supplying Leopard Tanks to the Ukraine. A people’s court has convened in The Hague, charging Putin with war crimes and stating a plan to bring him to justice. The British government is banning the funding of any part used by Russia for Putin’s war in Ukraine. Zelensky will meet with Xi Jinping to start a dialogue on peace. After 200,000 Russian soldiers killed and 20, 000 civilians dead, its past time to consider peace. Since it’s evident Putin won’t willingly stop his war, Zelensky must have the weapons to force Russian troops off Ukrainian land.

The UK said it was banning the export of every item Russia has been found using on the battlefield to date, a list covering hundreds of goods, including aircraft parts, radio equipment and electronic components. The British government is also imposing sanctions on senior executives at Russia’s state-owned nuclear power company Rosatom, who Ukraine says are complicit in the seizure and forced nationality change of the staff of the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant and their children.

A “people’s court” has endorsed an indictment against Putin for the crime of aggression and called for his arrest. After a week of hearings in The Hague, a panel of three international legal experts issued the order and called on the international community “to take every step necessary to ensure that a court with legal powers issues an indictment against Putin and takes appropriate measures to arrest the perpetrator and put him on trial in an official Ukraine tribunal as soon as possible”, AP reported.

Zelenskiy has welcomed some elements of a Chinese proposal for a ceasefire in Russia’s war on Ukraine. China’s government called for peace talks while urging all parties to avoid nuclear escalation and end attacks on civilians. “China has shown its thoughts. I believe that the fact that China started talking about Ukraine is not bad,” Zelenskiy said.

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