TheVoiceOfJoyce Russia is not winning in Vuhledar. Russia is losing Russian troops, employing tanks in columns. The Ukrainians united by a common cause, fight defensively and are at a stalemate. In Russian, 2/3 rds of the Russian population knows a soldier lost in Putin’s War. Between 100-500,000 skilled people and tech workers have fled Russia. Even the Russian commentators, question Putin’s War, gently. How long can Putin continue? It’s up to him. After seeing the damage done by missiles to Donetsk and other regions once annexed by Russia, everyone must wonder what’s Putin’s endgame? ( additional information taken from the latest edition of The Economist)

When it was over, not only had Russia failed to capture Vuhledar, but it also had made the same mistake that cost Moscow hundreds of tanks earlier in the war: advancing columns into ambushes.

Blown up on mines, hit with artillery or obliterated by anti-tank missiles, the charred hulks of Russian armored vehicles now litter farm fields all about Vuhledar, according to Ukrainian military drone footage. Ukraine’s military said Russia had lost at least 130 tanks and armored personnel carriers in the battle. That figure could not be independently verified. Ukraine does not disclose how many weapons it loses.

“We studied the roads they used, then hid and waited” to shoot in ambushes, Sergeant Knignitsky said.

Lack of expertise also bedeviled the Russians. Many of their most elite units had been left in shambles from earlier fighting. Their spots were filled with newly conscripted soldiers, unschooled in Ukraine’s tactics for ambushing columns. In one indication that Russia is running short of experienced tank commanders, Ukrainian soldiers said they captured a medic who had been reassigned to operate a tank.

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