TheVoiceOfJoyce The EU is accelerating efforts to arm Ukrainian forces. The Wagner group has run out of ammunition. Fighting is fierce in Bakhmut. It’s time to heavily arm Ukraine and allow Zelensky to free Ukrainians from Russian Genocide. The Black Sea wheat and grain negotiations are continuing, with all sides speaking through intermediaries. The UN is actively pursuing security arrangements for Ukrainian wheat destined for the Global South and others. My 2 cents: our foreign policy is in need of a shake up. Why distance ourselves from China? China has not interfered in our elections. Can they be helpful in negotiating peace between Russia and Ukraine? Russia has interfered in our elections and continues to spread misinformation. Russia does not tolerate free speech in their own Country and is sentencing people, in opposition to Putin’s Genocide, for 8-10 yrs imprisonment. No wonder Russia’s youth are leaving their Country, though they would prefer to stay in a free Russian society. There is a schism in Russia, push Zelensky’s military advantage.

Ukraine has started online talks with partners on extending the Black Sea grain initiative aimed at ensuring Kyiv can keep shipping grain to global markets, a senior Ukrainian government source has said on Tuesday. The source said Ukraine had not held discussions with Russia, which blockaded Ukrainian Black Sea ports after its invasion last year, but that it was Kyiv’s understanding that its partners were talking to Moscow.

The United Nations secretary-general, António Guterres, will meet Zelenskiy in Kyiv on Wednesday to discuss extending a deal with Moscow that allows the Black Sea export of Ukraine grains, according to Reuters.

Poland is to send more tanks to Ukraine this week, the country’s defence minister said. Poland had promised to send 14 Leopard 2 tanks in total.

A decision on a permanent deployment of a German brigade to Lithuania will be “up to Nato”, German defence minister Boris Pistorius said in response to calls by Vilnius for a larger Nato presence in the country.

A Moscow court has sentenced the student activist Dmitry Ivanov to eight and a half years in prison as the Kremin escalates its crackdown on anti-war dissent. Ivanov, 23, a pro-democracy

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