TheVoiceOfJoyce Day 410 of Putin’s war against Ukrainians. One of Putin’s goals? Control access to Ukrainian Southern Ports and prevent Ukraine’s grain from reaching their global markets? As an aging colonial power, Putin’s war of aggression and devastation of Ukraine is repeating past atrocities of dead autocrats. In the 21 st Century, Germany and most of the civilized nations want peace and the happiness of their citizens. Putin is thinly holding onto power, sacrificing Russians and Ukrainians, for his “legacy”.

The French defence ministry has denied the presence of French soldiers in Ukraine, as allegedly revealed in documents attributed to the Pentagon and leaked to Russian networks mid-week.

The BBC reports that the Russian activist Vitaly Votanovsky, who revealed details of the burials of Wagner mercenaries killed in Ukraine, has left Russia. He fled the country on 4 April.

Several thousand people took part in traditional Easter peace marches in about 70 German towns and cities on Saturday, calling on the government to push for an end to the Ukraine war.

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