AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce The “Justin’s movement “in Tennessee is just what John Lewis would have wanted; good trouble. Activists, proud of their heritage and religion and dedicated to political change. They’re changing the National conversation on gun violence, race and democracy. They remember, John Lewis once shut down the House of Representatives, to get a vote on gun Legislation. It didn’t happen in 2016 and in 2021, 48,000+ perished from suicides and homicides. Isn’t it time to reinstate the Ban on Assault Weapons? Isn’t it time to vote more community activists to local, State and the Federal Government?

Since that moment one week ago, the careers of the men have fused to create “the Justins,” a phenomenon that has dominated the national stage, merging a sprawling conversation on gun violence, race and democracy into one potent political package.


Mr. Jones speaking to the Tennessee House chamber last week.


Protesters gathered at the Tennessee State Capitol last week after the school shooting in Nashville that killed six people.

As young insurgents of their party, they have brought intense focus to Tennessee politics. They have also brought an impatient, confrontational style of protest into their roles as lawmakers — a strategy that has shaken up the Republican-dominated body but also contradicted the more incremental approach favored by veteran politicians in their own party.

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