TheVoiceOfJoyce Russian bombing of Ukraine continues to hit civilian population. Ukrainian air defenses have been built up , however, the Russian missiles target civilian populations and there were deaths. When does the Ukrainian counteroffensive start? It appears Putin is not ready for peace talks, unless he has a “winning “ position.

Ukraine strengthened air defences over the winter, with help from western allies, after a Russian bombing campaign against power stations and other civilian infrastructure tried to cut off heating and power to major cities.

However, leaked US military documents dated to February this year warned that by May the country risked running out of missiles and ammunition.

Earlier this month, Ukrainian officials pleaded with Nato allies for more supplies, the Financial Times reported, fearing large-scale Russian bombing campaigns could break through depleted systems.

The missiles launched on Friday were the first to target Kyiv in 50 days, although Iranian-made drones have tried to break the city’s air defences repeatedly in that time.

The wave of strikes comes as Moscow, and the world, wait for Kyiv to launch a spring counter-offensive against Russian forces.

On Thursday, Nato’s secretary general, Jens Stoltenberg, said almost all the combat vehicles promised to Ukraine by western allies had been delivered, putting Ukraine in a “strong position” to recover further ground.

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