AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce 66% of the nation supports a Women’s Right to Choose reproductive health, including abortion. Once again, poor minorities, living in Southern States are unable to obtain proper healthcare. Drs are stressed out providing healthcare to patients , while trying to comply with an unjust Law. Moral harm is being perpetrated by a small powerful minority and the time for change is now. Register, vote and change the composition of your local, State and Federal Legislatures. #Policy effects US! Vote for legislators, who represent the will of “We the People “!


Since the Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health Organization decision a year ago, more than a dozen states have passed bans banning abortion outright and many others have passed legislation to restrict abortion access. States like Georgia have banned abortion after six weeks of pregnancy, a period of time so short that most people don’t yet know they are pregnant. Even more states gearing up to further legislate pregnant bodies.

Without the federal right to abortion, there has been a radical shift in everything from how doctors are being trained in reproductive care to the lengths that patients in need of care have to go, simply due to where they live, to how much money municipalities and governments need for reproductive health services.

According to National Institute for Reproductive Health data obtained by NPR, “at least 15 municipal and six state governments allocated nearly $208m to pay for contraception, abortion and support services for people seeking abortions” in the year since Dobbs. That’s $55m more spent on comparable services than was spent in the previous three years, before Dobbs.

Without Roe, the reliance on, relationship with, and access to things like medication abortion and birth control has become more complex.

As reported earlier this week, these bans also exacerbate existing inequities in our healthcare system – particularly for people of color, who statistically are more likely to live in restrictive states and more likely to need abortions.

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