TheVoiceOfJoyce The counteroffensive is beginning with Ukrainian troops heading south & toward Zaporizhizhia & Bakhmut. Of the Global Community being affected by the Russian blockade and bombardment of Ukrainian grains, peas and wheat, totaling 25% of the Global South’s & Asia’s food supply, only the Egyptian President has spoken out and demanded that Putin restore Ukraine’s grain shipments to the World. Can the World remain silent as people die of hunger? Meanwhile, Ukrainians, ever resourceful, have continued providing surrogate mothers, to EU families in need and manually provides water to Ukrainians, when required.

Russian drones launched a four-hour attack on Ukraine’s Danube ports of Reni and Izmail, Peter Beaumont reported, destroying grain warehouses and other facilities, as Moscow appeared to escalate its attempts to strangle Kyiv’s globally important agricultural exports.

The attacks, using Iranian-supplied drones, followed Russia’s withdrawal from the Black Sea deal that allowed Ukraine to export its grain, and a threat by Moscow to target civilian carriers visiting Ukrainian ports – a threat that Ukraine later reciprocated.

Commenting on the attacks, the governor of Ukraine’s Odesa region, Oleh Kiper, told Ukrainian television: “Russia is trying to fully block the export of our grain and make the world starve.”

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