TheVoiceOfJoyce Nations are requesting that Hamas release the hostages unconditionally.

There is no support for the reign of terror perpetrated by Hamas. The World is condemning their acts of barbarism and demanding that someone speak for Gaza’s people to negotiate a cease fire and a permanent peace.

Acts of antisemitism, violence and hatred are no longer being tolerated by Nations or Corporate Leaders. They will no longer hire students demonstrating against the State of Israel, or donate to Universities supporting anti semitism and violence.

Leaders of all 27 countries in the EU have called for the “immediate and unconditional” release of all the hostages. The leaders will tomorrow meet over video link at an emergency summit called over the weekend as fears across the EU rise over the volatility of the region. In a strongly worded statement European Council president, Charles Michel, said the EU defended Israel’s right to defend itself but said it must be “in full compliance with international law and international humanitarian law”.

Iran’s foreign ministry spokesperson Nasser Kanaani said on Monday in a televised press conference that “Iran considers that the US is already militarily involved in the conflict”.

China’s foreign minister, Wang Yi, has called for a ceasefire, saying: “The UN security council must take action, and the major powers should play an active role. It is imperative that a ceasefire be put in place, that the two sides be brought back to the negotiating table, and that an emergency humanitarian channel be established to prevent a further humanitarian disaster.”

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