AmericaSpeaksTheVoiceOfJoyce. Ep. 204: “Palestinians”

Ever wonder why an intelligent people would allow a terrorist organization, Hamas to remain embedded in their Country? Or why they’d help them commit atrocities? Or maintain an economically unequal society? The wealthy living off corruption and poor surviving in refugee camps for 75 years?

Instead of spreading out across their territory, building a society, why did they choose to develop terrorist and not institutions?

It makes no sense. When Israel left 18 yrs ago, they left Hydroponics and industry. These were all proudly destroyed by Hamas. Why?

Why have the Arab Nations supported the Gazans? What was their endgame? Whatever it was, Hamas’s barbarism has convinced Qatar to help negotiate hostage releases. Let’s see what happens.

One things for sure, neither Israel or Gaza will be the same after Hamas. 200,000 Israelis are also displaced. The bombing hasn’t stopped in Israel.

Still I’m hopeful for our World. We will all want better societies, after so much tragedy.

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