AmericaSpeaksTheVoiceOfJoyce. Ep. 205: “War & Politics”

Two wars are occurring on our Planet. The one in Ukraine, is barely making the news, yet civilians are dying daily. In Israel, their war with Hamas is getting too much attention. Can they go after Hamas, without hurting Palestinians? Is it possible? Have you seen how the poorest classes live in Gaza?

Why isn’t anyone filming the other Palestinians? The wealthy 50%? How are they living? How can they thrive when their “brothers and sisters” are dying? Why aren’t they giving up the Hostages?

And now that a war has started in Israel, why are people globally ostracizing the Jewish community? We were complacent every time we assimilate. We assume Anti-Semitism is dead. Jews march for many causes, but who supports us? Do you know history? Perhaps we should be teaching it in our classrooms along with a true history of the United States.

While you’re learning, remember Capitalism is not Democracy and we have an election next year. America needs a strong voting unionized Middle Class.

Everything is possible if we choose life. Be active, change doesn’t occur with wishing, it comes with hard work.

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