TheVoiceOfJoyce Europe is experiencing the worst drought in 500 yrs and it hasn’t ended yet. Manufacturers are at 25% capacity, since barges are unable to use the Rivers for transport. No one knows when this drought will end. We do know water resources are at a premium. Crops, power and manufacturing have been effected and costs for power are rising as hydropower costs soar. Norway, intended to ship excess capacity to the EU. There reserves may make that impossible. They’ll need to maintain their own resources to survive. Meanwhile, in another climate scenario, in San Francisco, scientists are warning of a major flood and rain storm, that could dump 30 inches of rain in several days. No one knows when this will occur, scientists predict this will occur. Be prepared to trap as much water as possible for future use. When this event occurs, snow will form in the Sierra Nevada mountains, depositing 25-30 ft of snow. Unusual weather patterns will be the World’s norm. Are we prepared?

TheVoiceOfJoyce With new operations underway, Zelensky, is retaking Crimea. Putin is now concerned theWar is taking longer than thought and blames the US. The UN wants to inspect the Nuclear Power Plant fearing a potential disaster for Europe! Amidst, this unresolved War, Putin wants to hold phony Referendums in Kherson and other regions , legitimizing annexations. The Referendums are scheduled for September 11 th. With Crimea in play, annexing these territories may not be easy. The Boundaries, according to one War correspondent, may be set in several weeks in the Ukraine. We’ll see what’s up for trade?

TheVoiceOfJoyce The War in Ukraine continues. Russia now aligning with North Korea. First UN ship carrying Ukrainian grain heads for Ethiopia. The Nuclear Power Plant is being used as a shield for Russian forces. No more, the World condemns their occupation and Ukrainian special forces will shoot &target soldiers provoking a Ukrainian response. Putin gearing up to protect Russian ports and wants to hold a referendum to annex Kherson? Zelensky condemning these actions as illegal, since many people invading the Port City are no longer Ukrainian citizens. 10 million Ukrainian women and children have left their homeland to escape this War. Looking forward to a cease fire . It’s now Day 173 of Putin’s war on Ukraine!

TheVoiceOfJoyce European waters are running dry. They can no longer support barge traffic, causing factories to disrupt manufacturing facilities. Many factories are idle. Climate Change, do to Fossil Fuel emissions of CO 2 is affecting our way of life . Food insecurity has become the norm for many. Along with reducing our water resources, the sun’s rays, unfiltered, are causing Cancers, 20, 000 fished died suddenly in California and the Saudis think they can make enormous profits through 2030? The faster we wean ourselves off Fossil Fuels, the faster we can stop Climate Catastrophes and save ourselves and our resources!

TheVoiceOfJoyce Trump stored Classified and Top Secret Documents, meant for our National Archives, in his Mar a Lago basement. The material taken from Trumps home were sensitive National Security materials, a crime to maintain in any area other than a secure room. Papers found relating to Obstruction of Justice. All 3 categories of information leading to criminal charges for Trump carry prison sentences and banishment from holding public office for life . Justice had every right to retrieve these documents to secure America’s National Security. Info to be reported, as it becomes available. There are many ongoing civil and criminal charges pending against Trump!

AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce New warnings on Skin Cancer risk, as temperatures rise. Melanoma, skin cancers are on the rise and will continue with exposure to the sun. One sunburn in two years makes you predisposed to skin cancer. Be protected and covered when going outdoors! New warning from UK health services.

TheVoiceOfJoyce Russia takes territory by shooting Ukrainians. 50,000 are dead in one Northern Donbas town. Many were shot and hastily buried. Moscow moving troops to the Southern Ports and continues to shell, the occupied Nuclear Power Plant. Nuclear sensors in one area are now no longer operative. Meanwhile, routes for grain remain open to prevent starvation in Ethiopia. The Ukrainians hope to move 3 million tons of grains, etc, a month. Sweden and Finland have become Ukrainians newest Allie’s. Among the backdrop of War, every major oil Corporation has made $49+ Billion profit per quarter. Though our Planet and all people realize, the age of oil usage is coming to an end, the oil production continues and continues to create enormous wealth in the short term. Let’s not forget oils toll on people, property and natural resources! There are more efficient and cheaper methods to Piwer our World.

TheVoiceOfJoyce After many lawsuits against the production of Talc based baby power, J&J will discontinue all Worldwide sales next year. The Talc has been banned in the US & EU. J&J will now only sell a corn starch baby power, safe for everyone.

TheVoiceOfJoyce The FTC is proposing new rules to protect our data from being used without our knowledge and consent. Urge your Congressional representative to agree with the new rules. The rules will prevent Corporations from having absolute unaccountable power over our lives. Demand these rule changes to protect our privacy and free choice. If you’re like me, you won’t want your choices limited. There’s a large world out there and I’d like to make educated decisions about what I buy and what I think? What would you choose? Freedom? Surveillance? limited choices? Once we know the truth about Social Media Platform intentions, do you wish to live under their constant Surveillance?

TheVoiceOfJoyce When you agreed to Facebook and Instagram, did you agree to let every click or link you make, traceable forever by Meta’s code? Meta has admitted to tracking users across the Web every time they click a link or follow an Advertisement. We have no privacy. We are META’s experiment. By following our actions, on their platforms, Meta targets information and ads to “our needs”. They create cultural silos and perpetuate misinformation and disinformation on issues that concern us, while destroying our Democracy and free choice. Every time we click or react to a product or subject, Meta makes money off of us. Everyone involved in Social Media hoards our data, earns enormous income and we, unwittingly have lost our privacy and liberty. You may think you’ve got free choice? That’s a Meta myth. Is this the agreement you made with Meta? In return for using Facebook and Instagram for free, I agree to being tracked across all of social media to provide information about myself, that can be used by anyone licensed by META?”We the People “have become Meta’s product and our data is sold to everyone Meta targets to pursue us! We’re now under constant surveillance.