TheVoiceOfJoyce Save the Monarch and take the first step toward saving ourselves. We need pollinators for fruit and vegetable pollination. If Pollutants & pesticides are killing the Monarch Butterfly, what are they doing to our bodies? Loss of trees and plants to fires create more heat. We’re pushing nature in the wrong direction. We’re next!

TheVoiceOfJoyce No wonder today’s GOP doesn’t want History to reflect America’s racist past, in many Southern & TrumpsGOP controlled States, they are racist in their response to unemployment benefits. They look upon benefits as a deterrent to work. African Americans get much less than the white population and now they want to cut out benefits that should have extended through September. Raising wages helps everyone. Increased wages equals increased productivity & less inflation. Realistically, until the Jobs act and For the Families Act, child care and many unemployment benefits haven’t reached long term unemployed or workers in the Gig economy. There will be a lag in employment until people experience relief from economic pain and experience the benefits of child care allowances and resumption of schooling. What we’re-seeing is temporary. Be patient and work with your constituents.

TheVoiceOfJoyce Going back to Georgia, Karen Washington, has done much to bring healthy nutritious food to her Bronx Community and other African American & Hispanic families. Eating healthy was in our DNA, along with growing fresh fruit and vegetables. She’s raised food nutrition awareness & Legislation to provide funds for aspiring Black Farmers. If interested in organizational contact, read on …

TheVoiceOfJoyce The Pandemic is waning and we’re giving away 8 tons of Food to half million to a million New Yorkers. Our food pantries are instantly emptied. Food insufficiency & child starvation persist until Congress Passes the For the Families Act and then provides jobs for Everyone. We have skilled technology professionals not working and not able to receive benefits unless there’s a plan in place. So many forgotten people, yet industry shows no sight of innovation and understanding or employment! When will the misery end for millions?

TheVoiceOfJoyce Don’t get rid of beef, raise meat on sustainable farms increasing bio diversity and sequestering Carbon. It’s being done on a large scale , out west , upstate Ny. Think Carbon utilization. We already know a diet including seaweed reduces methane. Farming is a secondary polluter. The primary source is Fossil Fuels. Develop alternatives to them and then concentrate on farming and other polluters.

TheVoiceOfJoyce Planting acres of Land to feed those without a supermarket within 20 miles of their homes. Volunteers plant sustainable gardens on Land allocated for specific Communities. There’s a food Forest in Atlanta near the airport. It’s funded by grants and worked by Volunteers. The Communities all benefit, it’s a place where people come together & find peace and a sense of purpose. It doesn’t carry the panache of naming a building. Food Justice nourishes the soul and the body!

TheVoiceOfJoyce They’re saying we need major change and we do. The technology exists for light rail and that should take precedence over driverless cars. We need speed & less pollution. That eliminates air travel. We can’t fly international for years. Might as well make it easy for folks to travel to work. Supplement the purchase of electric vehicles and return subsidies to Fossil Fuels that transition to green energy. A win win for Everyone

TheVoiceOfJoyce Corporate America is complicit with Lawmakers, they helped write the Legislation for Voter Suppression. They’re not neutral when it comes to their bottom line. Georgia HQ ‘s believe in theChamber of Commerce &political influence , “we the People”, are not they’re constituents. Boycott, unionize and they’ll remember People Matter. Ask for sympathizers Globally for rolling boycotts. Keep up the momentum. It’s not Georgia and the other 42 States, our Democracy is in peril. Democracy vs Oligarchy! The Oligarchs can’t win .

TheVoiceOfJoyce Bad news for the World. Greenland was full of plants less than a million years ago, it had no ice. As Greenland melts, Carbon Emissions increase and we’ll continue to change weather conditions. We’ll be seeking natural resources to survive. Our growing season will change. Infrastructure & sustainable energy now will prevent pain later. Think big!

TheVoiceOfJoyce: Agenda/ YouTube Episode # 72 Decency Saves Money (Released every Tuesday. Listen & Subscribe! Great visuals, too!

EPI 72 Be Humane & Save It’s cheaper to be humane, to be for racial and social justice. If we were our brothers keeper, we would have saved 300 ,000 lives from Covid and saved our Economy. Now we must pass massive relief and Stimulus Package s, just to purchase necessities. That’s triage. We’re putting … More TheVoiceOfJoyce: Agenda/ YouTube Episode # 72 Decency Saves Money (Released every Tuesday. Listen & Subscribe! Great visuals, too!