TheVoiceOfJoyce Twenty percent of the Ukrainian people are refugees in Poland, Moldova & Rumania. Disinformation campaigns are starting on Social Media, claiming these people, without safe haven, mostly women, children and the elderly, are getting better wages than residents. The hatred begins and has no good ending. Remember, hate claims two victims, don’t envoy the misfortune of others or listen to Misinformation. It exists to incite hate and violence. On the bright side, The first grain shipment reached Turkey. Ukraine has 10 million Tonnes of grains, corn & fertilizer to ship to ease food insecurity. If those ships get through safely, perhaps other cease fires can be negotiated. Meanwhile, Russia uses a nuclear power plant to shield its weapons. Ukraine is calling for a no fly zone over the Plant, for fear of a Nuclear accident. Day 161 and the War continues!

TheVoiceOfJoyce: 40 yrs ago a young artist installed a Wheat field near the pillars of Wall Street. The wheat flourished and was then distributed to people hungry around the Globe. Now? We’re at a pivot point in our lives, believe the lies and misinformation about CO2 emissions and prepare for the end times, or realize we’re running out of time to save our food supplies and people. Why can’t we start planting swamp grasses, trees & vertical farms in Cities and add back self sufficiency and Oxygen? Who says, we can’t breathe cleaner air, now? If we don’t start, we won’t know what can be accomplished in a years time! #Pivot towards life & living.

TheVoiceOfJoyce : There’s hope for bio diversity in our Oceans with Kelp restoration. First, sea urchins must be culled from the areas and Giant heat resistant Kelp planted and secured by rocks, when kelp restoration is successful in Australia, Japan, South Korea and Tasmania, kelp grows 40 meters high supporting shell fis and fish populations. A win for humanity.


TheVoiceOfJoyce After 140 days, Putin is not able to claim and solidly his gains in Donetsk- He’s lashing out at the Ukrainian people, firing into the heartland, killing civilians. In the territory’s he’s taken, 2 million have been deported to Russia and 100,000’s of children have been separated from their parents and institutions. Meanwhile, grain talks are proceeding and 130 ships are back logged on The Black Sea awaiting transit Thru Rumania. A quick end to this war is needed , justified by strategic use of new weapons to dislodge Putin’s position. Zelensky says there is no cease fire with a ceding of territory. We wait!

TheVoiceOfJoyce A heartwarming story of Apache survival. Deprived of their ancestral lands, forced to live on barren reservations, stocked with alcohol, the Apache’s succumbed to addiction and European diseases. With Cafe Gozhoo,in Arizona , Apache’s have refund their cooking heritage and a methodology to conquer their addiction. They’re rebuilding their lives and cultivating the land for Community Food. Through patience and relationships they’re rebuilding their lives, overcoming historical and personal traumas!

TheVoiceOfJoyce Glyphosate found in 80% of American Urine Samples. This chemical is the main ingredient of Roundup, now owned by Monsanto & Bayer. The Manufacturer claims it’s harmless, the scientists say it’s Carcinogenic. Bayer settled for $11 Billion in 2018. Are you part of this Lawsuit? Can you claim you have Non Hodgkin Lymphoma? Are more people at risk? Another claim? Banning the product? The Facts: The insecticide was made for GMO crops and leaves 25% of fields barren, unable to support the planting of new crops. Certainly, there’s cause for medical concern & evaluation. Another, Class Action Lawsuit against the manufacturer? We don’t know the long term harm of these products, it’s part of our food supply. We’re entitled to clean air, clean water and food. Additionally, a chemical destroying soil nutrients maybe proven capable of entering and altering growing cells. Roundup is a major health concern and should be investigated by the FDA!

AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce. The Carbon footprint from industrial farming is 40% of all Carbon Emissions. The US is responsible for11% of Carbon Emissions. These Emissions can be reduced, when people ask for food diversity and a healthier diet. By planting different crops and reducing our reliance on beef Carbon Emissions will decrease. Next, why subsidize corn, wheat and soybeans ($20/billion a year), by rewarding monopolies & encouraging them not to invest in biodiversity? Corn is mandated for ethanol production. It can be replaced by canola plants grown in the desert . These plants do not compete with any other product and use less water, they’re made to be a bio fuel. Meanwhile, we’d free up grass land to cultivate tastier fruits and vegetables. This would be a win win for Americans:Less Carbon emissions and better tasting food products, with more choice and an enriched soil. Wouldn’t you want that farm fresh taste?

AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Maui during the Pandemic suffered a loss in tourism & food insufficiency. One a fertile land with Biodiversity, Big Agra ( Bayer & Monsanto) have destroyed the land with pesticides. The indigenous people are reclaiming their land several acres at a time. The colonists destroyed the land with monocultures, while Maui grew ,before Colonialism, a rich diversity of fruits and vegetables, under a giant canopy of products. Their land was rich and their rain forests thriving. Hawaii can be food sufficient again and Hawaiians healthier with their Native Diet.

AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Bio fuels. Charts and usage of essential grains don’t need to be incorporated into Biofuels. It’s wasteful. 10 years ago The Technion , in Israel, developed biofuels from Canola plants using 2/3 rds less water. Canola Plants don’t compete with other food crops and can be grown in the desert. Try something new and don’t let people starve. With Canola, we have enough grains to feed our planet and power our cars. The FT link can be opened 3 x’s by non FT subscribers.

AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Another program for “We the People”, that will Sunset without the renewal of waivers. Congress must act to renew the “Free school Meal Programs”, that have been guaranteed. Why they’re not permanent, amazes me! They should be permanent. Free meals at schools all year round prevents 10 million kids from being hungry. Everyone is entitled to learn and to learn with a full stomach, no embarrassment. The old system of shame, never worked. Dare we hope Congress will act responsibly on the Food Waiver program and renew it?!