TheVoiceOfJoyce Lobbyist money pays off, unless Gov Edward’s vetoes the bill that makes it easy to pollute Louisiana air with little consequences, unless someone is killed! Why with the 2 Nd most gas pipelines in our Country, is Louisiana afraid to enforce Laws that make Oil Companies responsible for major fires and gas leaks with sizable pollutants & emissions? Where are these pipelines going. They’re in Louisiana to stay. Why should people suffer for their errors?

TheVoiceOfJoyce What do the jobs #’s really mean? Who is getting work and who isn’t. It’s clear young people in their 20’s & 30’s are not entering the job market. Information Technology is lagging and millions are still out of work. We need the Infrastructure and the American Families Act now to stimulate our economy and improve productivity and our way of life!

TheVoiceOfJoyce The Employee is back in “the drivers seat”! Asking for and getting better wages, benefits and at IBM , apprenticeship in house training. Perhaps we’ll get back to “our” valued employees! It’s a start.

TheVoiceOfJoyce: YouTube Tuesday Episode #83 Work? Listen, Comment & Subscribe!

What is Work like? For Front line workers, our kids and grandchildren, it’s difficult. They’re experiencing Culture Change that promotes Burnout, employee abuse and a lack of loyalty, along with decreased productivity. No one has time to form families and we say, “We “ revere families. If so, we need Fundamental Change, in our Labor … More TheVoiceOfJoyce: YouTube Tuesday Episode #83 Work? Listen, Comment & Subscribe!

TheVoiceOfJoyce YouTube Tuesday’s Episode #83 “Work “

Why we need to be disruptive? “Politics affects US!” Everyone knows I read the Financial Times, the Economist and I follow our Country’s policy. Because Politics affects us. It’s never too late to be a activist and know that you can change our world, think positive. I’ve read you can’t boost the economics of our … More TheVoiceOfJoyce YouTube Tuesday’s Episode #83 “Work “

TheVoiceOfJoyce Save the Post Office and add services. They provide money orders to be sent anywhere in the World. Why not add small savings and checking accounts too! Everyone trusts their local postal workers, add functions and make the Post Office a permanent place in our Society.

TheVoiceOfJoyce Amazon workers Gig workers all deserve the benefits of employee status. Only Fundamental Change at the NLRB will create the Legislation necessary to provide rights to organize, right to bargain collectively, rights to participate in the Supervision & layout of the workplace and rights to be on Corporate Boards. All these Rights existed prior to the Bush administration and the appointment of Elaine Chow, Mitch McConnell’s wife , to the Dept of Labor. She was responsible for gutting FDR’s rules and replacing them with Laws favoring Corporate Power and greed. Now is the time to offer a Clean Slate for Workers . Corporations talk about ESG’s. Sounds nice, but they’re not implemented. Labor needs an increase in wages, a minimum wage & benefits. If they get a raise, productivity will increase and prices will go down. It’s a win win for the Economy!

TheVoiceOfJoyce The Pandemic is waning and we’re giving away 8 tons of Food to half million to a million New Yorkers. Our food pantries are instantly emptied. Food insufficiency & child starvation persist until Congress Passes the For the Families Act and then provides jobs for Everyone. We have skilled technology professionals not working and not able to receive benefits unless there’s a plan in place. So many forgotten people, yet industry shows no sight of innovation and understanding or employment! When will the misery end for millions?

TheVoiceOfJoyce Government works to help “We the People “. The Relief Bill was a start. The Family Bill will stimulate the Economy and the Infrastructure Bill will create more jobs with good wages. To codify our accomplishments & move forward, Fundamental Change is needed to create a minimum wage, so we don’t have Nomads roaming America , the NLRB will encourage Unions, Election Reforms will make our votes count. Government is the Solution!

TheVoiceOfJoyce Black Americans & minorities who had to work with the public were more at risk from Covid infections. This population also suffered from the greatest number of unemployed. The countries with a wide gap in income inequality saw the most job losses in the under educated. Now many Restaurant owners , quick to lay off workers, want them to return, the dilemma, they have to pay more and offer incentives. Perhaps paid leave for being vaccinated and paid time off for anyone experiencing side effects. Close the income inequality gap!