TheVoiceOfJoyce: Perhaps more people should listen to Jason Kander , he personally dealt with and wrote about his PTSD. His nightmares and terrors paralyzed him, till he started, dealing “ with his shit”. Many of us, have not taken the time to understand ourselves and know ourselves, our strengths and weaknesses. When I had Cancer, it was essential to listen to my body. I’m getting through life by understanding myself and being Compassionate. I’ve used various tools to help me; counseling,Feldenkrais, Meditation & Qi Gong! Read Jason’s book or seek help, knowing yourself, being kind to yourself, is the first step toward being more compassionate towards others.

TheVoiceOfJoyce Why charging a 15% tax minimum on actual business expenses makes sense. Corporations would finally have to pay tax on where they sell their products. No more tax havens to escape taxation, lifting the burden of Taxation off the dwindling middle classes. Finally we’ll have money for Infrastructure, etc.

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Why we need to be disruptive? “Politics affects US!” Everyone knows I read the Financial Times, the Economist and I follow our Country’s policy. Because Politics affects us. It’s never too late to be a activist and know that you can change our world, think positive. I’ve read you can’t boost the economics of our … More TheVoiceOfJoyce YouTube Tuesday’s Episode #83 “Work “

TheVoiceOfJoyce Black Women have been involved for years, trying to obtain clean water and sanitation for millions. Biden’s infrastructure Bill can address this issue , along with clean air. While speaking about infrastructure, there are sections in NYC where the gas has been turned off for a year & Internet service is off equally long. This is the upper west side 80’-90’s . Our Country needs this Stimulus now. New Jobs , retraining and safety nets in place to assure adherence to new standards. Fundamental Change!

AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Since younger children can spread infection & children 10 yrs and up spread Covid similar to adults, that’s why we need the FDA to approve Rutgers University’s in home saliva test for Everyone, not just on an emergency basis. Spread the word, we can know in 10-15 minutes with self testing that costs a buck, whether we have the infection. We need this test now. Take it daily and feel confident we can go back to school & work. This test will save our lives & our Economy.

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Video: Subscribe: Dear followers: Over the year’s I’ve given you “great content and my reasoning” behind my Political Activism. I need your participation, be aware, comment on my Social Media sites, be involved in rewriting our Dystopian History and share your thoughts and insights with me. Political activism can’t exist in a vacuum. I need … More AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceofJoyce EPI #37 YouTube: DUMP TRUMP! Listen & Subscribe, I promise not to disappoint!

AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce 1/2 hr of Periscope chat concluded. We discussed So Korea’s 2 Nd wave of Covid and how So Korea & Germany support People Thru WiFi, affordable Healthcare, monetary support for everyone. People & Profits. In my view: we need a Social Safety net here. Stimulus for the Middle Class & Lower Classes would benefit the entire economy and give Peopke a safety net. I’m for Social Justice & Equal Opportunity! Have a blessed day. See you Tuesday at 11 am Thank you and Subscribe to my YouTube channel “TheVoiceOfJoyce.

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AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce All across America people are queuing for food, unemployment benefits, voting, when they should be home Self Quarantined. There ought to be an easier way to survive & vote? In parts of America food is wasted, thrown out, it’s a shame when, all over our Country people live in food deserts. Can’t the farmers rent trucks, take their produce and meat where it’s needed and feed the Hungry. It’s not easy to order food in the big cities. The entire Country could benefit from better food to table ideas. I’d bring milk tankers into towns and fill up gallon jugs for peopke, like they do in poor countries when they run out of water. There is a huge need for food, vegetables, meat, chicken & milk, don’t waste, make haste, to a town not far from you. In this season of renewal, share with others less fortunate. Have a blessed day.

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Dear Followers After this tumultuous week, I thought I’d recap what the World says about us and our common enemy, Climate catastrophes; Fire, pollution, pollutants, poor health , rising sea levels all correlate with Carbon Emission policy. The more Carbon in our atmosphere, the more catastrophic the weather events. There’s a direct correlation between Carbon … More AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Epi #15 United States of Inequality. Subscription link: