TheVoiceOfJoyce While Trump was being investigated by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. He failed to answer Congressional subpoenas . At the same time he was secretly investigating Journalists and Congressional representatives investigating him, along with members of their family. All this illegally conducted by the DOJ under AG BARR! When did we become a police state? Imagine if the 1/6/21 Insurrection was successful? Oregon has thrown out one Legislator involved in the 1/6 uprising, Congress should appoint a Special Counsel and do the same! Autocracies that sweep people away in the Middle of the night are definitely not the American way. Stand up for Democracy! Not party, not a person, our way of life depends upon our activism!

TheVoiceOfJoyce The Public should know the outcome of the memo written against AG Barr. He wrote lies about the Mueller Report, exonerating Trump. Those lies must be negated to give credibility to to the truth and credibility to the Mueller’s Report. The Report recommended 13 people be tried for criminal activity and further recommend that Trump be Impeached based on Obstruction of Justice. If Barr’s lies were exposed, Americans would understand Trumps lies of 2020 , and the eventual Insurrection of 1/6/21. Isn’t time for the People to examine a clean copy of the Mueller Report. For a synopsis of the redacted version , Purchase “Shining a Light On the Mueller Report “. And know the truth about Trumps Russian Connections and their impact on our Voting Rights.

TheVoiceOfJoyce The Cold War never ended. Under Putin it became more deceptive. Interference in elections, ours & other Countries, Assassinations, bounties, poisonings, hacking into critical infrastructure all projects carried out by the GRU. Want to read about the disinformation surrounding the 2016 Elections, read, “Shining a Light On the Mueller Report “.

TheVoiceOfJoyce Justice delayed! Read my synopsis of the Redacted Mueller Report, Shining a Light On the Mueller Report. Both Volumes, a Glossary, My editorial, a copyright article from the Financial Times, dated 12/13/16, “Trumps Russian Connections “ & the implications for Voting Rights. (Amazon & Barnes & Nobles) A primer for historical facts and history!

TheVoiceOfJoyce YouTube Episode #60 Aliens among US!

Brief Description of YouTube EPI #60 Aliens Among US! I was struck by the similarities on my chosen agenda this week.  Both were unseen , stealth enemies, that infiltrated our systems and have the ability to render us helpless !   The Russians came to our doorstep once again. If you think the Cold War … More TheVoiceOfJoyce YouTube Episode #60 Aliens among US!

AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Andrew Weissman’s book on the Mueller Report Investigation will detail their thinking on the decisions made to prosecute Trump & Russian interventionists in our Election. Their reasonings have been blocked by Barr , in September the truth will be available. For a Synopsis of what is available for the Public, read my book “Shining a Light On the Mueller Report “. Obstruction of Justice and working closely with Russia & Wikileaks should be a high crime & misdemeanors Impeachable offenses. To protect Trump is to continue special privileges for a few at the expense of 329 Million Americans.

AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Robert Mueller speaks out against Trumps heinous actions. Read on & for the Synopsis, read my book “Shining A Light On the Mueller Report “. I thought it was the most important document I could write. Trumps abuse of Power & his active participation in Russia’s interference in our Elections was egregious.

AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Dr Fauci live and uncensored. He explicitly said, get the virus under control first, don’t keep denying the reality of the virus or we’ll see 100,000 cases a day! You can’t think about schools, business or the Economy, until everyone changes behavior in our Country. Follow the CDC GUIDELINES and we’ll survive & thrive. This is not an ideology, we are fighting a virus & Trump made our lives worse by denying reality . Trump & TrumpsGop destroyed our lives & our Economy!

AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce The original Times article stating Trump, Mike Pence and other members of Trumps Administration were informed of Russian operations in Afghanistan jeopardizing our troops and NATO troops.

AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Everyone should be outraged over President Trumps go to positions. Deny & attack the Truth or lash out at opponents. Obscure the facts & shield Russia & himself. This is the Trump playbook, always deny Reality! It may work for him. It doesn’t help AMERICANs who died or our Allies.