All the news and some that isn’t

Every day while on vacation in Paris I read the Financial Times. Another day, another scandal. It seems there is no end to Banker’s greed. Nor is there an end to the Greed seen round the world. those who have been in a position to take advantage of their situation have done so. It doesn’t matter if they are bankers or real estate moguls or pharmaceutical company executives. These people have no shame and They have no skin in their games. They are playing with other people’s money. Sound familiar, OPM all over again but on a scale large enough to bring down the world’s economy.

When do most of us begin to care ? When do we join forces and demand that institutions and their executives and their boards , be accountable? When is it enough? I for one can’t read and comment on these events any longer. I know Glass Steagall and other reforms should be re-instated. I know that fixing our monetary system is the first step toward stability.

The 2nd step, in the USA is the total repeal of Citizens United. No new stop gap measures. No more Super Pacs. No more financial loop holes. It’s enough. More then enough we should get back to the business of running our country;
“by the people for the people.”

Which brings me to new topics to be addressed. Like: what do we do about the drought? How do we encourage physicists to create in their own fields and leave the financial sector? How do we modernize mass transit? How do we improve health care delivery? How do we improve our educational system? So many questions, so many solutions and so many potential jobs being wasted as we read with horror about the next financial disaster or the next gossipy tidbit involving candidates for elective office. Really, it should be enough!


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