New stuff

Reading and relaxing, a good California Cabernet in hand, what do I find interesting?
1. As predicted Japan may have to import rice and lower their tariffs. Who can blame them, Rice is their staple and it should be non radio-active!
2 . Rail freight may return to Brooklyn and Statin Island. Rail freight should increase jobs and lessen road congestion and pollution while decreasing the costs of goods sold. As a small business owner, selling carpet, freight has gone from 30 cents a yard to over $1.51 cents a yard depending upon the goods delivered.

As a child, my Dad’s warehouse had it’s own rail road siding. Three generations watched the rail road cars deliver our lumber. I remember my kids eagerly awaiting the trains and waving to the conductors as the trains came to a halt, if we had deliveries, or just watched in awe as those long rail cars rolled on. A bygone era?

3. A gene map to fight colon cancer funded by 2 government agencies: the National Cancer Institute and The National Human Genome Project. One Harvard scientist believes these results will change the therapy landscape. Now that’s exciting. Next and more research required, please.

4 . US drought triggers world food crisis. Why can’ t we use abandoned factories or grow food hydroponically, like the Israeli’s do? There must be plenty of crops to be grown using less water. Should be sustainable farming for a community at least. Why not give it a try? Might even find an alternative source for oil?

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