Got another idea , use industry to create agency jobs in government…

While watching the HBO series The Newsroom, I think they hit upon an interesting concept. Let the regulatory agencies be funded by the industry they are auditing. That would create jobs, provide better pay for people and insure that there was compliance with laws already in place.

It works for small businesses. We pay to have our businesses audited every year to establish rates for compensation . Every business is also required to have liability insurance. It costs the small business and yes that is factored into our cost of doing business

Business and commerce are necessary, but at all levels. The lack of jobs for most people in this country and around the globe is causing mass anxiety. Everyone gets it, except those who caused the financial ruin of modern society; they’re either in denial or worse , they don’t care about “the little guy”. But if we’re so unimportant., why are they fighting to legislate away our rights? Why are they spending so much money to “win” the Presidency? What’ s the real prize? Is it power to do right for the electorate or is it power to amass more money for themselves. Making money is not evil, it’s good. It can make one’s life better, but you have to share. You have to give back to humanity. You have to ensure that everyone’s life improves. Not just yours. We’re all connected, we all need to live, to work, to be happy and to provide for our families.

The pursuit of life , liberty and happiness was guaranteed!

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