Where’s the outrage plus possible solutions

For the last week, every day, another scandal involving trillions of dollars , has been front page news. But there is no outrage, no cry for reform? Why not?

Have we become a society, that ceases to care about anything and anyone other then ourselves? So many suffering needlessly and there is no out cry for accountability. No demand for restitution of funds? I, like Joe Nocera of The New York Times and others covering the news, remain perplexed.

It’s like LesMiserables, if you steal a loaf of bread you could be imprisoned for life. But if you steal Trillions, no problem, there are no penalties?

The latest outrage did not involve Banks, the Parks commissioner sequestered $54 Million Dollars. That money could have funded at least 1000 jobs, or could have been used to fight forest fires and save homes and lives. Why wasn’t the agency audited and the money found and dispersed?

There is so much corruption, it seems that we have become numb to it’s incessant disclosure. While we lay dormant, our society is collapsing around us. This doesn’t have to happen. It’s not too late. We can take back our country and our values. But, first we have to admit that wrongs were committed and decide the proper course of action. Saying sorry and apologizing shouldn’t be enough. People are going hungry.

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